Tuesday, May 31, 2011

JihadGene on Women In and Out of Uniform

Last week I saw some e-chatter on the Whirl Why Web with some biker-patriot-guy-vet who was pissing and moaning about this year's local Memorial Day wreath laying ceremony, for it's being dedicated to women in uniform. What he had to say was not nice and that, because of this, he said he would not attend. Well? To him, we can sing an Old Army Hymn...
Let's see..it was back in 1985 that I was a Military Police squad leader in what was then W. Germany, with a squad consisting of 8 females and 7 males. Yeah, they kept me busy...but some of those gals had more heart and bigger balls than some of the men. And out-shoot 'em too!
Well, no shit. So anyways I want to play ya'll a little song. A song called "Mama was a Working Man".
This song I dedicate to all the women in uniform and the wives who have to "hold down the fort" while their hubby is deployed. God bless you ladies, a very LOOONG time!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

My Blog friend Joated posted this on Facebook:
"There is discipline in a soldier, you can see it when they walk. There is pride in a soldier, you can hear it when they talk. There is courage in a soldier you can see it in their eyes. There is loyalty in a soldier, they will never compromise. A soldier isn't a title that any one can be, these special people are chosen to protect you and me."

How very true! Occasionally we have a "service member" enter our Mom & Pop clothing store and in about a minute or less, I will ask them, "Are you in the military?". They react rather surprised and ask me, "How did you know?". I just smile and look at them, as a little light bulb goes off in their head. Then they say, "You were in the military too! Weren't ya?" I shake my head yes. We share a knowing smile.

God bless all of our US Armed Forces and their families a very LOOONG time!!! Now get out there and enjoy your freedom but be sure to honor those who earned it for you and I. HOOAH!!!

This post is dedicated to the fun West German memories of my assistant squad leader, SGT Virgil L. "Bert" Robertson Jr, 101st MP Company, 101st Airborne (Air Assault) who died in an air crash along with 247 other 101st Abn Division soldiers at Gander, Newfoundland 12 Dec 1985. FIDO, Bert!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th My A$$ Let's Dance!!!

Okay you maggoty infested Americans, listen up!!! I am Great Reader KIM Jong IL and I am plissed-off LOOONG time at BLOGGER for their Friday the 13th screw up! I've dlunk more coffee this morning...enuff to fill the entire Yahoo Liver (Yalu River) and the Chosin where it's frozen! Be warned: THIS VIDEO HAS BAD SOLDIER TALK AND IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR JEHOVAH's WITNESSES!!! I'm feeling more bombed than Moammar Gadhafi right now. See this video and wait for the song at the end to dance. Learn to make coffee in Afghanisland and remember that KIM Jong IL RUVS you, our US Troops, and their families... a very LOOONG time!!! KJI & JG ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Operation Geronimo the Sequel

Meanwhile somewhere in the White House we find current CIA Director, Leon Panetta alerting President Obama of an upcoming and top secret Naval SEAL Team assault...

PANETTA: Mr President! He's at it again, Sir!


PANETTA: No. I only wish it was... it's Joe Biden, Sir!

OBAMA: He's awake?! What's he done now?

PANETTA: He's alerted Navy Seal Team 6 to standby for an immediate mission and has the USS Nimitz standing by for a funeral detail!!!

OBAMA: What the....???

PANETTA: He's calling it Operation Gary's Owed One, Sir!

OBAMA: Gary's owed one??? Say, isn't that that song George Armstrong Washington of the 777th Cavalry ordered played while slaughtering millions of innocent Cincinnati Red Skins fans, at the Battle of the Little Big Buldge, over in Texas?

PANETTA: No. You are thinking of Garry Owen, Sir.

OBAMA: Well, what is this Operation Gary's Owed One, anyway?

PANETTA: Sir, it's a plan to snatch the still unburied body of actor Gary Coleman, and give him a proper "Hollywood Style" midget-actor burial at sea.

OBAMA: Damn, I KNEW IT!!! I just knew it!

PANETTA: Knew what, Sir?

OBAMA: That I should have used the powers of my presidency to help out Michael Jackson.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why Hillary is Gasping

OBAMA: Listen up, Hillary. If anything goes wrong on this Bin Laden raid... I'm giving you full credit. Just like Libya. Got that?


BIDEN: Operation Geronimo, my ass! I need some Geritol and a nap.

Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Friday! Let's Dance with Mrs Bin Laden!!!

Meanwhile in a Pakistan hospital, nursing a leg wound, we find Mrs Osama Bin Laden being interviewed by Al Jazerra...

REPORTER: So what are your plans now, Mrs Bin Laden?

MRS OBL: My plans? Well, what with not having to worry about things getting all blown up and shit, I guess... I could get some nice furniture...perhaps a new dress? Maybe even go out to a nightclub?!


HELL of a week! Hope yours was a good one! It's a Friday, people... so get up off of your money-maker's and let's dance with Mrs Bin Laden!! God bless all of our troops and their families LOOONG time!!! USA! USA! USA!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Cerveza!

Happy Cinco de Corona...or Cinco de Whatever!

A Song Request from Navy SEAL Team 6

Hello there! This is KIM "Jong IL" Kasem with a song DEADication froms Navy SEAL Team #6 going out to a wounded Mrs Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan! The SEALS have requested that I'm playz a HIT number done by The Black Eyed Peas! So just for her and her late husband's followers we enjoy together (with Korean dancing gurls!) the song "BOOM-BOOM, Pow!"

Have a good day LOOONG time!!! ;) JG

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jihad, Motorcycles, Wives, and Seal Teams

So last night, I told my lovely wife...my cute Norf Korean Minister of Finance...that I again wanted to buy a motorcycle. She thought for about a whole one half of one second then proceeded to remind me of my jaded motorcycling past. She recalled that I had committed jihad (code for crashed) on my old motorcycle in 2002, 2005....and yet again...only one week later, in 2005. I replied that I sure would like to have one...as I gave her my world famous "sweetest smile". :) She said nothing...but she gave me "the look". You know the look I'm talking about? Yes. That one. The look that tells you she is seriously considering giving NAVY SEAL TEAM#6 "the green light" to take your heathen motorcycle-wanting-ass out. Awww crap. My wife has the sweetest Korean face in the world, but being a Korean... stuff can go south or turn North Korean on you in a ramen minute. Ride safe!