Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Friday! Let's Dance!!!

Friday? Already?! Let's see...I sure was sad to hear about the passing of Soupy Sales. He made me and my brother laugh so much as kids in the 1960' join in and dance with the Great Reader, Soupy, and Pookie to some Motown. Put on your high-heeled sneekers because it's Friday! Let's dance... and since it's a PayDay weekend don't forget about Project Valour-IT!
Miss you looong time, Soupy!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Psycho-Unlogical Warfare

Pyongyang Peggy here with another Norf Korean web-radio broadcast to all you lonely US Army G.I.'s in Iraq named Kevin. Kev, it is with the utmost sorrow that I must publish the following photo of Miss Ewe Luv Dolly of Madison, Wisconsin. That's right G.I. Kev...your Miss Dolly has jumped the fence and been reported partying with some blue-eyed round-eyed infidels in the "Volunteer to Show Me What You Got State" of Tennessee with the likes of a mother named Teresa and some Straight White Guy! She likes bloggers looong time, Kev. There's no way around it. She is one of ours, Kev. A wocket scientist for Norf Korea! Ewe has discarded you! Ewe are less than nothing! Poo on Ewe!
Here's a picture of her clackin' one off randomly at some FOB in Iraq just yesterday ...

Now Kevin, I know you must be hurt, but for the good of the axis of evil and for Barbara Boxer's reelection in 2010... join forces with Great Reader KIM Jong IL! Just throw down any weapons you haven't already dropped (like your 240B machine gun) and register as a Democrat! On second thought, it would be much better to give a donation to Project Valour-IT for those hideous flight-line-losers on TEAM AIR FORCE! Maybe you have a thing for Somali pirate women, no? Then perhaps TEAM NAVY is your cup of tea! If you're a fan of no frills latrines then TEAM MARINES would be a good match for you! If you want to be a winner, then you just stick with TEAM ARMY. I know this news about Dolly will leave you feeling like an empty and shallow person but according to Uncle Jimblow of BLACKFIVE and Tankerbabe, you already are one. Enjoy you tour of duty looong time, Kev!!!! That is all.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kim Jong Il Crazy?

Meanwhile somewhere in Joe Biden's enemy held territory of West Korea...we find Great Reader KIM Jong IL, Dicktater of Norf Korea, looking at the latest intel gleaned from the internet...

KIM- What?! I'm kraygee (Korean 4 crazy)? BWAHAHAHA!!!! General Wang, come crick!

WANG- Coming quickly, Sir! What's wrong?

KIM- Look at cumpooter. See this artickle by Rooters? (HERE)

WANG- It's Reuters, Sir...but's titled "Why it's sane for Kim Jong Il to be crazy".

KIM- Did you knows it ownree takes 33 minutes for an ICBM from Norf Korea to hit America?

WANG- Only 33 minutes, Sir?

KIM- 33 minutes.

WANG- So you are crazy while Obama cuts missile defense and gets a Nobel Peace Prize?

KIM- (looking really nuts)

...33 minutes, General Wang... 33 minutes...

Money for Stop Loss Troops

Know someone who got caught up in Stop Loss...that's where troops who were due to get out of the service were involuntarily extended to complete tours of duty in exotic places like Iraq or Afghanistan? Well those troops, who served between 11 Sept 2001 and 30 Sept 2009, are due $500 more per month for time served (sounds like prison) or otherwise known as being involuntarily extended. I knew an MP who got caught up in that crap and his service time was extended so he could have another fun-filled complete tour of Iraq with the US Army. He took it well...but I thought it sucked an extra large bowl of hot sour owl shit or Korean kimchi soup (which are the same thing, really). Hey, I never claimed to be a good don't be supplized! Many troops got out of the service and may not receive word of this so if you know of anyone please let them know as I...#1 Firmly believe they deserve it...and #2 I'm sure they could use the extra cash in these "Days of Wine and Roses" with Team Obama. Speaking of teams... GO TEAM ARMY for Project Valour-IT!!! Here's the Military dot com article on stop loss funds HERE!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Warrior Song

With the Taliban acting up and President Obama all wee-wee'd up...unable to make a decision on Afghanistan or where he should play golf next... I needed to see and hear this. Special thanks to USA_Admiral where I saw this gem. If ya can, please support our wounded service members by giving to Project VALOUR-IT! God bless our brave warriors and their families!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Project Valour-IT is something I have contributed to for sometime now. It's voice activated laptop computers so injured troops can blog & e-mail friends and family back home or buddies back in the war zone. Folks, body armor is good but it does not protect the hands. Go to The Kitchen Dispatch and learn more about Project VALOUR-IT founded by US Army Major Chuck Ziegenfuss. It's a very good thing to be a part of and I, the Great Reader, am more than pleased to help out. So in doing for others (what their hands cannot do) you are helping to fix hearts of the wounded and from there... to their loved ones, and so on. Good begets good! I cannot say that enough. This will bless so many people...and it will touch you as well. Give what you can and it won't go to waste. I guarantee it looong time!!! To donate go HERE at Soldier's Angels. You can pick which team to be on as we are doing a competitive fundraiser with the following teams:

*Team Army is the best in whole world and Great Reader, KIM Jong IL's, fav-O-rite, looong time!!!

*The number 4 in Korea is considered a bad numba. Perfect for these Department of Defense pork dollar powered heathens!

*These guys are numba 4 times 2! Perfect for those who are fond of Spongebrob Squareplants!

*They are explanation needed. "Semper Fi" on that, Jarheads!

*The competition runs today through November 11th (Veteran's Day) and give to whichever team your heart belongs to. It can be a little bit... or a SCUD-LOAD! It's up to you...but please give something as it will be doing much good. Good begets good. It really does.

Message to SaveMart Pharmacy

It's no secret that I am no big fan of change. The older I get...oh well...the older I get, I guess. I get my meds where we buy groceries most often and close to home. Now when you phone in for your medication they have a new and improved automated's my e-mail to the SaveMart Grocery Store Company Headquarters of Lake Pissmeoff, California...
"The new system of calling in for a prescription is really a big pain. The old way was better. If the new system understood the words "you suck" I would not have to e-mail you. I don't dare call as the new system either can't understand my English or if my timing is off when I say the words yes, no, or go to hell. WTF? Whoever came up with the new and improved system of prescription handling should be made the next Presidential Phone Call Czar. Don't call my house as I would only do my very best to piss you off the way your new telephonic prescription refill system does me."

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Target Helps Troops in Afghanistan

Target Stores are awesome! So is the American Legion, and my brog friend, Tankerbabe! Go and read why at BLACKFIVE (Shopping at Target).

Ruv You Looong Time, Tankerbabe!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

It's Friday! Let's Dance!!!

Still hung over from the Blog World Expo 2009 in Las Vegas...I have chosen this song. They played it Friday night in the Jet Night Club at the Mirage. WE MILBLOGGERS ROCKED THAT PLACE LOOONG TIME!!! It's Friday! Even if you have the flu like us, let's dance!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Great Reader Reports on Blog World Expo 2009

Great Reader KIM Jong IL here! My lee-port on Brogg Wirld Explode 2009 I have put to music. Do you leemember Charlie Daniels' "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"? WEll here ya go...

KIM Jong IL went down to VEGAS, he was looking for COMMANDER SALAMANDER or sum NAVY SEALS.
BOSTON MAGGIE was TRADING TWITTAH's, to make a deal.
THEN CHUCK ZEIGENFUS jumped upon C.J. GRISHAM (who ain't NO CHUMP) and said: "Boy let me tell you what:
"I bet you didn't know it, but I'm a STAR TREK VULCAN too.
"And if you'd care to take TAMMY MUNSON's dare, I'll FIND AN INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR (code for Hooker) for you.
"Now you FLY a pretty good PLANE, MR WOLF, but give DELTA WHISKEY her due:
"I bet BARMY MAMA against the Dalai Lama, 'cuz I think LTC ARATA and MAJ. COSENTINO are better than you."
The gal said: "My name's Mrs BOUHAMMER and it might be a sin,
"But I'll take your bet, your gonna regret, 'cuz I'm the best DANCER that's ever been."

UNCLE JIMBLOW you GET UP OFF YUR ASS...QUIT playin' your fiddle hard.
'Cuz KIM JONG IL's broke loose in Neveda and THE KITCHEN DISPATCH deals it hard.
And if you win you get these shiny SOLDIER's ANGELS WINGS made of gold.
But if you lose, KANANI's daughter gets a round-trip ticket to SEOUL.

TCOVERRIDE opened up his case and he said: "I'll start this show."
And fire flew from HIS GIMLET LIPS as HE SPIED FOR A BRIDE, down the casino's road.
And he pulled THIS BRIDE across his TABLE and only gave her a LOUSY KISS. (a clean peck)
Then the pair of GREYHAWK HEATHENS joined in and it sounded something like this.

When the Major finished, JihadGene said: "Well, that's pretty piss-poor, son."
"But if you'll sit down in that chair, right there, and let me show you how its done."

Fire off some WOCKETS, wun boys, wun!!!
The GREAT READER's in the house of Elvis, son!!!
Chicken with some ginseng and pickin' my nose!!!
"KIMMY, does your dog bite?"
"No, child, no!!!"

Then That 1 GUY bowed his head because he rode his Harley there, truly beat.
JihadGene bows down in honor at that tired bikers feet.
AND WE ALL said: "UNCLE JIMBO and KEV just come on over if you ever want to WALK again.
"I told you TANKER-OF-A-BABE and TAMMI my friend,
You missed the greatest party that's ever been!!!"

And they sang some AC/DC... run boys, run!!!
The B-FIVE CREW's in the house of ALL NIGHT FUN!!!
CHUCK's gonna be blowing chunks... I just know!!!
"Say baby, aren't you an independent contractor?"
"No, child, no!!!"

*Sorry to those I'm missed or dissed! I had the time of my life!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm Outta Here

Gone fishing. No...I'm really headed out the door to Blog World Expo 2009. I'll be back on Sunday and remember...
Great Reader, KIM Jong IL ruvs you looong time!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Flashback and Recruiters

My Dad told me in 1972 to steer clear of the USMC recruiters. He was a Marine who served in WWII at Guadalcanal. I went Army. I got a feelin' these guys must be Army recruiters, looong time!! Look out for the foul language (as usual) here at Great Reader!

(*hat tip to Mongo of Mongo's Montreaux who I ripped this off from!)

Monday, October 12, 2009

KIM Jong IL 's Peace Prize Response

Meanwhile somewhere north of the Samsung HD-LCD TV factories, in the "Land of the Morning Missile Launch", we find Norf Korea's Great Reader KIM Jong IL checking the news on his computer...


KIM: Hmmm...must check cumpooter for news of whole wirld. Let's see, US dollah falling...good, no supplies(surprise) there...hmmm... People's still tawking about Obamamma's NoaskNotell Piece Prize...OK......hmmm...WHAT?! WTFRUCK? General Wang!!!

WANG- Right here, Great Reader! What's wrong?

KIM- Look at Dludge Leeport...

WANG- Looking at Drudge Report, Sir.

KIM- (pointing) You see how Obamamma is winner of Piece Pwize?

WANG- Yes, Sir...

KIM- Now just skoal down with mouse and look..THERE!

WANG- Sir! What should we do?

KIM- Those bearded pieces-of-fee-sizz (feces) have jumped the shark! Mudder puckers! Those Towelibands can not be twusted!

WANG- I'll have five short range rockets launched immediately, Sir!

KIM- Very good. If anybody is to make a states-meant about "Mr Peace Pwize Pwesident", it's Great Reader KIM Jong IL...not those goat molesters of the Hidefromu Puss (hindu kush) mountains!!

WANG- Rockets are launched, Sir.

KIM- Very good. Now get me a Shirley's Temple.

WANG- Umbrella?

KIM- (rolls eyes) Well, hell yes...duh?!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Word Association Time

Let's play word association!

This is for Pam over at Pamibe! What's yours, huh?

1. My treat:: What Obama says when he gives away my money
2. Bell :: A lady named Ma who has ripped me off like Obama, but not so much.
3. Five :: As in a 5 finger discount...what the IRS does to my profits.
4. You’re crazy :: Well, no shit, Sherlock!!! Works for me and Joe Biden!
5. Disgust :: Having an old shithead named McCain run as your Republican choice for President!
6. Tempest :: An old used car like the one Obama is trying to sell us in the form of health care.
7. Bummer :: Smoking some "Primo" dope on Sunset Beach with a prick named Barack and then seeing his old lady (Michelle) in a bikini.
8. Brim :: A Barack rim-job.
9. Hose :: As in hosed-down. Why are all these words about our government and it's leaders?
10. Lollipop :: Date night with Barney Frank.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blues Flu's

My lovely wife Kim is sick with the flu. She, being the hard working gal that she is...added to the fact that she's a stubborn Korean...makes for today's blog post. I have not been by to visit many of you as I have had to try and keep the wife from working at our Mom-n-Pop clothing store, "Fashion Thug". The leg irons and hand cuffs have pretty much done the job (of keeping her home) till she fashioned a cuff key from a paper clip. I asked our 14 year old son to hold her down while I water-boarded her but he pointed out that it might just make her worse off, cold/flu wise. So far the bars on the windows, razor wire, guard towers, and claymore mines seem to be working out. We'll see.
I've been putting in many hours at our shop lately and my visits to other blogs have been few and far between. Sorry about that. I know you'll understand, though... as I not only have to work in our shop but inspect the guards at shift change then issue weapons, tasers, and CS gas. Later I have to put more chlorine in the moat and feed the alligators. The Doberman's can wait...I like 'em to be hungry. You understand how it is, don't you? Anyways... I showed her how some of you wished her well and that brought out her lovely smile (underneath the blindfold) looong time! Thanks, el mucho, for that. I think the hardest part of her being sick is trying to keep her away from work. She's a very hard worker and I just want to say that our marriage is living proof that opposites do indeed...oooh, how should I say this? Oh quotation marks...


Ruv you all LOOONG time!!!

JihadGene & Kim

Friday, October 9, 2009

Breaking News!

BAGHDAD BOB- Hello, all of you INFIDELS, and greetings from Fresno, California! Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled Fox Nude's and Friends broadcast but I have breaking news, Praise Allah!!! It seems your ChiLite-Kenyan-Hawaiian leader...
Barack Saddamacornhussein Obama... has once again stolen an award from the grave of a dead man... No, not Al Gore!...I'm talking about Saddam Hussein! Even in death, Saddam Hussein is greater than your American Great Grandma of a Satan, Nancy Pelosi! If anyone should have received the Nobel Peace Prize it should have been...

KANYE WEST- 'Scuse me for interrupting, Muh-Fugger...but wiff out a doubt, Beyonce is the best Nobel Piece Prize Winner of all time, e'va! Speakin of's former Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones...

VAN JONES- Assholes!!!

WALTER CRONKITE- And that's the way it is, on JihadGene's television. We now return you to our normally scheduled program "John Kerry, Hero of North Vietnam" starring Paul Lynde.

It's Saturday in North Korea! Let's Dance!!!

Deer Readers...
My channeler, JihadGene, has been a very busy G.I. this week. His wife (the ruvly Kim) be sick with the South Korean CRUD (flu). Him so sorry for not knowing what day it was. Hey! That reminds KIM Jong IL of a song! Enjoy and dance with the Great Reader KIM Jong IL to The Spiral Staircase doing "I Ruv You More LOOONG-TIME Today than Yesterday" and remlember...Great Reader ruv's you LOOONG time!!! Leave a song in comments if you wants.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's Friday! Let's Dance!!!

Well, like many people a song can take you back to a place and time in your past. This song takes me back to the red light district of Pusan, South Korea's "Texas Street" (Cho-ryang Dong) 1974. Bars, girls, sailors, Marines, MP's, and the Shore Patrol. The USS Midway was in port and I was on duty. Many of the bars were playing this song. It was an exciting and raucous time. This is the song that takes me back there, every single time I hear it. Do you have one of those songs? If so, drop the link in comments and have a great weekend! It's Friday! Let's Dance!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Scots, Germans,Texans, and Koreans

For fine food photos and some insight into his life and opinions... I visit Buffalodick over at Opinions & Rectums, We All Got One! Buffalodick's latest comment was on his Dutch lineage. So "I" am therefore inspired by Buffalodick to share with you the following conversation with my wife, the lovely Kim...

ME- (I state innocently) Honey, you are Korean.

KIM-(she responds like a suspicious cat) Yes.

ME- (trying to maintain an innocent tone) Well, Dear...I know how Koreans are and I was...

KIM- (stated softly with missile launching eyes locked on target/me) You do?

ME- (verbally kissing ass) Well, I mean... I know how Koreans value their families and honor their elders and all... but I do clown them (rightfully, I tell myself) occasionally for some of their actions, like when they nut-up over sports, or most anything in life generally speaking, but...

KIM- (stated clearly with eyes locked on target JihadGene) But? But what? You gonna say you love me LOOONG time like you say in your crazy brog and make fun of how I'm speak sometimes?

ME- (clearly sweating, though the weather is cool) Well, thanks for putting up with me, Hun.

KIM- (now in Korean Professor mode) Now let's rook at you.

ME- (cautiously) Yes?

KIM- (now in lawyer mode) You are born of Texans with ancestors from Germany and Scotland, are you not?

ME- (getting defensive) Well, yeah... but I don't see where you're going with this, Dear.

KIM- (smiling like a used car salesman) Well, let me do a racial profiling of you. Is that not fair?

ME- (sounding like a sucker for a used car) Yeah, I guess so...

KIM- (back in lawyer/professor mode) You are part Scotch, German, and Texan...

ME- (interrupting) OK-OK! So what does that make me?

KIM- (sounding like my wife) You are therefore very capable of making anyone laugh, anyone angry, and are somehow still able to manage having a wife who loves you very much.

ME- (relieved and impressed) WOW! That was cool, Honey!

KIM- (in 3rd grade teacher mode) Do you know what the moral of this story is?

ME- (excited like a 3rd grader) But of course I do!

KIM- (like a Mom) And that is?

ME- Don't piss off a Korean! Especially your wife!!!

KIM- (like a Korean Taekwondo Master) Exactly, Grasshopper.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

For the Amerasians!

Here's one for those who live in both worlds... like my son.

Buddha forgive me...I've created a redneck!!!

Heads Up, Military Families!

INDIANAPOLIS – (October 5, 2009) –, a leading e-commerce provider of consumer goods and services, today announces the company’s fourth and final Laptops for Flat Tops contest, which will award one laptop with an embedded Webcam (for the family) and an additional Webcam (for the soldier) to two families who have an immediate family member serving in any branch of the U.S. military overseas.

* Spread the word to any military families with a loved one deployed overseas. JG ;)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

KIM Jong IL on OlymPick's

Meanwhile somewhere north across the 38th Parallel... we find Norf Korea's Great Reader, KIM Jong Il, reacting to 1st round cuts made by the the International Olympic Committee...

KIM- Say what, General Wang?!

WANG- Great Reader,'s true. Chicago did not make it through the IOC's first cut. I verified it myself.


WANG- But I thought you'd be upset, Sir?! ...I mean, you did say you wanted to light the Olympic torch in Chicago come 2016, and...

KIM- (drying eyes) Hoe Wee Cow!!...(chuckle-chuckle)

WANG- So you're not upset, Great One?

KIM- (smiling) Hey...stuff happens. Quacks me up axed-U-Haul-Mohammad-Ali (actually). In fract this is good newz for Team KIM JONG IL 2016 !!!

WANG- Good news, Sir?! How so?

KIM- Just put yours-self in a pair of P.F. Fryers and think like a Norf Korean aff-fleet going to the 2016 O-rim-picks!

WANG- Okay, Sir. I have put on my P.F. Flyers and I am thinking like a North Korean athlete going to the Olympics...

KIM- Now, you wanna go into a fun city like Rio De Hootchiemammas4dinero? Orr wood you rather maybe stay in that gulag-dung-heap-of-a-city called Chicago, for a few weeks?

WANG- OMG! I should have seen that immediately, Great Reader! I'm sorry, Sir. But...

KIM- But what?

WANG- Sir, but what was so funny?

KIM- That? must'a caught me while I was watching The 3 Stooges gettin' blitch-slapped on CNN.

WANG- I should have known.

KIM- Now, let's see if Tehran and Kabul can make it through the 2nd cut!

WANG- Very good, Sir.

Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Friday! Let's Dance!!!

To my lovely wife Kim-
Your love is like a burning fire...deep down in my soul. I love you forever.

To all you Great Readers out there-
Dance with the wife and I. It's Friday. Hold on tightly to those you love and dance with them.
Today we dance to Arthur Conley singing "Burning Fire". If you have a good love song... or ...just a fun song... please stop by and leave a link in comments. Have a great weekend! Let's dance.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

NYC, KIM Jong IL & Obama

Meanwhile somewhere north of the 38th Parallel in "The Land of the Morning Missile Launch" we find Norf Korea's Great Reader, KIM Jong IL with his eyes fixated on New York City...

KIM- Holy, Ho Chi Minh! General Wang! Come quick !

WANG- Right here, your Greatness. What's up, Sir?

KIM- (pointing) Look at picture on cumpooter screen! Emplire Steak Building on fire! Just like 1974 movie, The Inferno Towering!

WANG- No, Great One...that is no Towering Inferno. Those are lights. It looks like the city of New York is paying tribute to the Red Chinese!

KIM- They pay?! How much?

WANG- No, Great Reader...I mean they pay respect to the Red Chinese by lighting the Empire State Building with red and yellow lights commemorating the 60th anniversary of...of...

KIM- Of what?

WANG- Of...of...

KIM- Of what? Come on now...out wiff it, General Wang... spit it out!

WANG- The founding of the People's Republic of China.

KIM- BLINGO!!! And for bogus points, who helped Great Reader's Daddy, KIM IL Sung, by killing many Souf Koreans, Americans, and UN forces in the Korean War less than 60 years ago?

WANG- The People's Republic of China.

KIM- See? I told you I'm gonna light the Olympic torch in Chicago, come 2016.

WANG- Apparently so.

KIM- HOPE and CHANGE, baby!!!

WANG- Well...CHANGE it certainly is.