Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Give You Good Deal

Substitute the word Chinese for Korean...that's us! Our store. We give you good deal looong time!!!

JihadGene, Kim, and Ben


Korean Chicken Wing Law

In Korea, did ya know that it is bad for a young engaged male, or newly married man, to eat chicken wings? Seems that it will somehow encourage or otherwise induce him into flying the coop and checking out other nests/chicks. I forgot a lot over the years but I do remember the wife telling me that chicken-wing-crap when we were engaged. NO CHICKEN WING FOR YOU!!! Whatever. I like chicken wings and I'm too fat to fly very far anyway.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Let's Take a Test

I took a test over at Maeve's...and, well...

Shit! I tithe and everything and still I got a freekin' 14 percent chance of going to Hell! Guess I shouldn't have tithed my 401K Plan. Thanks a lot OBAMA, you A$$HOLE!!!


Pride: That shit is found in lions...not lions from Detroit, either. ZILCH %!

Lust: If the wife ain't looking...50%

Sloth: I'd do better but I need some rest...110%

Envy: I could care less what you drive...asshole...ZERO%

Gluttony: If it's Korean B-B-Que, then put me down for 300%

Greed: I drive a f*cked up Dodge truck. I wished I'd bought a Ford. If that's greed then put me down for 250%

Wrath: Don't *F* with me! 1,000%

Chance You'll Go to Hell: "ONLY" 14%

You will become famous - and subsequently killed by a stalker.

(*Lookin' forward to the future!!! Jeezzz..and I always thought it would be my Mom's God, Jehovah, or my Elder Sister Carol, who would have my worthless ass snuffed-out for the good of mankind).

KIM Jong IL Weddys Wockets

Meanwhile somewhere north of the 38th Parallel we find Great Reader KIM Jong IL busy at work on his KIM Jong IL HeathKit Satellite and ICBM Combo...

KIM- Dat's right General Wang...park dat puppy right up here so's Barack Whose-Named OBAMA can get good satellite images of harm-ress satellite/ICBM.

WANG- Sir...I must say Sir, that...

KIM- What?! Dat it looks outstandingly SOUPER-KOOL?!!!

WANG- Great Reader, Sir...It does look very cool, Sir...but after all, it is only a 1950 Ford 2 door coupe with the bullet styled nose-cone grill.

KIM- Yeah-yeah. Blahda-blahda-blahda....butt wiff it's nose jacked up at a 45 degree angle and this garden hose stuck in the tank, you gots to admit it rooks rike da "wheel deal" getting fueled up and weddy to go! Now admit it, Great Reader is right again...LOOONG TIME!!!

WANG- Okay, Sir. Real deal. So what's that in the silo over there?

KIM- It's either my new and imploved ICBM or a 1959 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer with a garden hose stuck in the tank.


(*about the photo: US Satellite Intel believes it is either a North Korean SCUD or KIM Jong Il's ride with the fuzzy dice).

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Friday! Let's Dance!

Let's see...for my Kim's love I was plotting, mapping, planning, I was gonna get to 1st base but ended up battered, busted up, and bruised. A young soldier in love. I was a fool for her. Hey, it's Friday! I'm gonna dance with her right now. Dance with us to this very fitting song by James Carr...I'm a Fool for You. Yes, I was and ya know what?...I still am. Happily so.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Words Mean Things...Maggot

Meanwhile back at Camp Lejeune... we find some Drill Instructors in a bit of a quandary due to the changing political scene ...

D. I. JONES- So what do we call it, Gunny?

D.I. GUNNY - I'm not really sure but our Commander in Thief...er...Chief... wants it changed. You know, I've seen a lot of things in my beautiful US Marine Corps...had to roll with some hard punches, for sure...expect the unexpected...remain as fluid as the battlefield conditions...jumped through my ass on more than one occasion, and lived to tell about it...but...paying private insurance companies for wounds received in combat and now this, the "Global War On Terror" being changed to read "Oversea's Contingency Operation".

D.I.JONES- I realize all of that Gunny but what are we gonna call it now? Permanently dispatched? How about permanently dispatched?!

D.I. GUNNY- Naw. Sounds, like something someone in the motor-pool would say.

D.I.JONES- How about calling it "preforming a retro-active abortion"?

D.I. GUNNY- Naw. Sounds like birth control.

D.I.JONES- Well it really is, if you look at it that way.

D.I. GUNNY- I like the way you think outside the box and all, son, but...

D.I.JONES- Well...what the hell else are we gonna call killing the enemy?! Hey Gunny! Where you going?

D.I. GUNNY- I'm going to D.C. to rip Obama's balls off, so he cannot contaminate the rest of the world!

That is all.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No More Global War on Terror?

Well it seems the Office of Management and Budget no longer wants to hear the term "Global War on Terror" and wants it referred to as "Oversea's Contingency Operation". Read HERE. OMB's Director, Peter Orszag, is running away from it. Read HERE. What a bunch of Homeland Security (HORSE SH!T). I just had to contact the OMB and sent them the following e-mail under the title (which they offered up) as congratulations...

"Congratulations! You are the most newsworthy government office I can think of in recent times!!! "Overseas Contingency Operation"!!! Oh, that's RICH!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Your office rightly deserves the title of "People's Office Supreme". That's right! The Office of Management and Budget should hence-forth be referred to as the POS!!! Have a nice day! Gee, I tried calling but your phone lines were busy. Imagine that.

Lets Roll...you POS's!!!"

*OMB phone lines are probably still busy denying the whole thing at 202-456-6213. Pictured above is Mr Obama and Peter-Peter Pumpkin-Eater Orszag.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Like Father like Son

So it's like 0715 hours today, that's 7:15 AM (PST) for you civilians, and I'm making my 13 year old, Ben, some Samyang ramen for breakfast while he is at the table on the laptop computer showing the wife (the ruvly Kim) something. They are cracking up! Pretty loud, too. Now I am hearing people talking like me, when I do my KIM Jong IL schtick. WTF?! For those who don't know... my son was adopted from South Korea (no, not north). Judging by the video he found and is playing for us (his parents) he is either...
a.) Comfortable with his adoption
b.) Totally warped having been raised by me

You be the judge. For those of you who know me and think the Dad in the video is just like me...I'm say "Whats-a-matta-4-U'?! Thanks for the You Tube Ben!
Thanks looong time!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

JG- Guru of Love and Weapons

No. I didn't have romanticks inter-lewd with the Mrs, but what the hell, there's always next year! Ya gotta look on the blight side...as Great Reader KIM Jong IL would say! Now, about the itchy palm...I went out and spent money at Big 5 Sports. I guess the itchy right palm thang was about money if you can't have sex and...like a good Democrat...spending spending hard-earned dollars in order to get out of debt, I spent some. Bought this here NOT TOY for son to practice shooting with. It was on sale for $119 (reg price $149). Ben's a great kid and I gave him the JihadDad former US Army Sergeant range briefing on safety and instruction on good shooting technique. He is very aware of the business end of a weapon and safety. He is good with a BB gun. I've upgraded him to a pellet rifle with a scope. The wife is not thrilled. Hmmm... Now my butt's itchy. I wonder what that means?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lord I Need Some Help LOOONG Time

I woke up with an itchy palm of the right hand this morning. I am left handed. In Korea it means something but my wife says she forgot...I told her it means it's time to make wild & crazy RUV to me! She says she forgot and to shut up the mouse (mouth) and get ready for church. Okay, I'm gettin ready for church and I'll pray for all of you but can anyone tell me what the itchy palm means in a Korean folk-lore frame of mind? Also, will I go to hell if I ask the good Lord for my wife to put out on the Sabbath? Just askin. Gotta go...I'll be back. Hope I don't have to delete this post.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Blogoversary Great Reader

Deer Peepoles of Great Reader,
It's ohfishwall. I'm have been brogging for ONE hoe year today. I owes it all to Ericklaw over at Erica's Blog. She promised me a date wiff Madeleine Albright if I'm would do it but just like the GOP...she has not delivered!Heathen woman!!! I'm cans ownree hope for a bailout, a suckcessfull wocket launch, a date wiff Hillery Clintone, or a gig on Leno. Hey...you ought to see me bowl...I ain't no retard! Ooops, sorry.

Ruv You Looong Time!!!
Great Reader KIM Jong IL
PyongYang, Koweefornia 90210

Thursday, March 19, 2009

This is for Friday

I will be on the road early Friday morning as I am attending the funeral of US Army 1LT Daniel B. Hyde in Modesto with the Patriot Guard Riders. He was a member of the 25th Infantry Division as was I, many years previously. My son Ben, age 13, suggested this song by Kid Rock. Please pray for all those who LT Hyde served with, loved, and left behind.JG out.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama Can't be Right

(*Hat Tip to The Mudville Gazette where I found this)

JihadGene Talks to God

I talk to God. I'll let you in for a listen...

JG- JihadGene to SHOT-CALLER SIX... (Also known as: God)...What up?! Hope all is good in da hood with you and yours...got some time for me? My 8 digit grid coordinates (location) is located near Fresno, California. Got a minute, God? Over....

God- Roger that Gene! How's my signal, over?

JG- Lord, you're "blowin smoke" (loud signal)! You're coming in "Lickin' Chicken Ho Chi Min" ("Loud and Clear How Me"), over?...

God- Roger, got you Lickin' Chicken (loud & clear). What did you want to "Chatty Cathy" (talk) about, Gene? Bring it on back (answer back), over...

JG- All this bailout stuff (sh!t) has got me a bit angered (p!ssed off). I mean Obama (the as$hole) and the Democrats (fellow as$holes) in Congress (f*ckin snakes) and the Senate (sum-b!tching leeches) are bad mouthing AIG for $160 million in bonuses while they, in government, are pouring out billions of our tax dollars. I'm ticked (mad as hell) and ready to pop some CS (tear gas) on their worthless heathen butts, over...

God- Roger. Are you going "bucket mouth" (potty mouth) on me, Soldier? Over.

JG- Oh....NEGATORY (no)...No, No, NO!...Big Kahuna Six! But now hear this, Lord...President OBAMA is considering having our wounded war Veterans pay for their HEALTH CARE !!! Over...

God- This is SIX, Is that right JG?! Well, I need to do some work in Washington. Gene, you just settle down and know that "I" am in control, over...

JG- Roger that, Great I am! Over...

God- Roger, JG. Well, I gotta pack it in (end this transmission) and put some whoop ass in Washington D.C. so you be cool JG and remember that what goes around comes back around. I'll take care of our wounded Veterans. In the meantime you call your representatives and let 'em know how you feel. Try and keep it clean...over...

JG- That's a big Roger-Dodger, Lord...and thank you, Sir...over...

God- I'm always here, Gene. Always! SHOT CALLER SIX, out.

JG- I'll remember that, Lord. JihadGene, out.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Meanwhile somewhere north of the 38th Parallel, in the Land 'O Peacekeeping Offensive Nukes, we find the Great Reader KIM Jong O'Ill and his trusty aide de'camp General Wang checking the KIM family genealogy for some, as yet, little known facts about the Norf Korean Great Reader's ties with Ireland.

KIM- Oklay, General Wang...so have you found out about my Irish heritage yet?

WANG- Well Sir, there are some...shall I say, interesting correlations, here regarding Ireland and you, oh Great One, that I found on the internet.

KIM- Wheelie?!

WANG- Yes. Really, Sir.

KIM- Such as...?

WANG- Well...Ireland is divided into 2 countries. North Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

KIM- Flatten-ate-ing!!!

WANG- Yes. Fascinating, Sir.

KIM- What else?!

WANG- Well, to this day Ireland is not a member of NATO, Sir.

KIM- Wow! Same-same like Norf Korea! Tell me more!

WANG- Let's see...Northern Ireland has 6 counties while southern Ireland only has 4, Sir.

KIM- Ploof once again that the Norf is far slooperior to da souf!!! What else?!

WANG- Yes. Uh...local authorities do not control the police. This is done on a national level.

KIM- Same-same Norf Korea! Tell me more!

WANG- It is a biological fact that there are no snakes in Ireland.

KIM- Same-same Norf Korea. We ate 'em all!

WANG- Yes...(except you)...Great Reader. Snake free.

KIM- Oklay, enough with Irish fax! Am I or am I not related to anyone of Irish brud?

WANG- Irish blood? Well yes, Your Greatness. You have a twin cousin and the resemblance is quite-frankly astounding, Sir.

KIM- Who is it?! Who is it?!!

WANG- Do you really want to know, Sir?

KIM- Yes, I'm wheelie wants to know! Now tell me, Damb it!!!

WANG- It's Hornswoggle of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

KIM- That hurts.

WANG- Another Guinness, Sir?

KIM- Yeah...and see if you can hook us up with tickets to WrestleMania XXV.

WANG- Coming right up!

KIM- Where the hell is my shillelagh?

(* I did this piece for the great Matty 'O Burden of BLACKFIVE)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Great Weekend Looong Time

Guess who came to....no, not dinner.....but to drink a beer with us on Saturday night? Was it Elvis? Barry Zito? Ozzy Osbourne? Nope...even better... it was Tammi and That1Guy . What great folks! These are the 1st bloggers I've met in person and what a treat it was! They tested out our "Jingle Bells" playing doorbell and were shown the "Elvis Bathroom". That1Guy even personally tried out the commode and it met or exceeded all expectations, I'm pleased to report! WooHoo! Man, you talk about good peeps...these two are it. The lovely wife (Kim) remained pretty much quiet as we talked and talked and LAUGHED! It was just plain good for the soul. The wife smiled a lot. It was good for her as well, watching me try to shutup and listen, while others talked. As for our son, Ben...well, he tolerated us alright by watching TV. On Sunday, after church and lunch, Ben and I went to see Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) in "Race to Witch Mountain". Car crashes, space aliens, and gunfire...we loved it looong time!!! The wife had quiet time alone...she was happy....heck, our dogs were happy too! If your weekend was half as good as ours, then you had a nice one for sure. JG!
(*about the picture* from left to right are Tammi, JihadGene, and That1Guy;)
Hey...it's my blog, so I can be The Rock.

Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Friday! Let's Dance!

Friday again? A Friday the 13th...no less...but I ain't scared. Oh no! I ain't scared even in the least little bit. I'm married to the lovely KIM and with her in my arms, well...let's just say that this mean old world will have to wait. Because that's how strong our love is. Let's do a slow one (dance) today folks. A love song. So pick up a Papa, a Mama, a kitten, or a pup... and dance to the late great O.V. Wright singing "That's How Strong My Love Is". A great Friday to all of you too! Great Reader ruv's you all looong time!!! Bank on it! (a Swiss bank preferably) JG ;)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Barry Zito...a Giant...an Angel

Did ya ever send out a fan letter or e-mail to someone famous, giving them thanks for doing something really-REALLY good?
What's really-REALLY good, you ask?
Well how about paying airfare and hotel bills for 17 US Marines, who are recovering from wounds, so they can see some major league baseball in Arizona?!
Well, I did. I sent an e-mail of thanks... just yesterday... after reading THIS on the milBlog BlackFive .
Had tears in my eyes when reading the post. I just had to e-mail this guy and thank him looong time. He is SF Giants pitcher Barry Zito. I received an e-mail from him, Barry Zito, last night.
I never expected a response...I just wanted to thank him. He is founder of an organization called "Strikeouts for Troops" . I am on cloud 9 and you can rest assured I will be watching "MY" San Francisco Giants and praying for a southpaw'd slinger named Barry Zito.
Barry Zito, the guy with the Giant's heart, will be easy to spot. He will be the angel on the mound. JG

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

KIM Jong IL's Victorious Victory

Deer great readers,

I, Great Reader, KIM Jong IL, have been reelected as DicksTator of Norf Korea! It would have been a tight race but I'm ran against a Korean version of Jimmy Carter and slaughtered the dumb-ass. BrackFive over at BLACKFIVE has posted the good news.

Rule You LOOONG Time!!!
Great Reader KIM Jong IL
DickTator NORKO

Attention American Aggressors

Dear American People,

I am instructed by North Korea's Great Reader KIM Jong IL to relay the following message...
(*Please note that the following message in NO way reflects the opinion of myself/General Wang, nor of the starving masses of North Korean people)

Deer War-Mongering-Tax-Doll'ah-Tossing-I-Pod-Ruving AMERICAN PIGS,

Greetings from Norf Korea's Great Reader, KIM Jong IL! Stop your war games now! You psychopathological hooligans, we will resolutely smash your desperate war moves! You shall be burned like a Republican voter stuck with that asshole, John McCain!! Your continuing war games in Souf Korea is going to be your one way ticket to a Nancy Pelosi manufactured Wall Street Bail Out in Hades!!! I'm shits you not! Me pissed off looong time!!! Now if you nose what is glood four you, you will lets me kindly launch my harmless weather satellite/ICBM/DeathRay in the direction of Hono-roo-roo in pineapple state of Hi-why-Eeee or towards Anklewage in Sarah PayWin's great state of I'lllaskya. Don't fruck with KIM Jong Il!!!

Ruv You LOOONG Time!!!
Great Reader, KIM Jong IL (D-CA)

P.M.S. Tell Hill-Ree Clinton I'm wants X-Blox 360, no f@#king Pong game like she send me last time! The blitch!

*The photo above is of peaceful and harmless North Korean "weather satellites" on parade.

Fallen American Hero

Since 2006 I have attended many military funerals in the Modesto and Fresno areas of Central California. Today I learned of the loss of this young man, US Army 1st Lt Daniel B. Hyde , age 24, of Modesto. 1Lt Hyde was a model student at Modesto's Downey High School and a West Point Graduate. May God bless Lt Hyde. He was KIA in Iraq. Our prayers of support and comfort go out to his family, and to all those whose lives he loved and touched.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Secretary of State Gives Gift to Great Reader KIM Jong IL

Dear Americans,

Please be informed that the Great Reader, KIM Jong IL, DickTater of the glorious starving people of North Korea thanks you... the American people.... and Hillary Clinton, from the bottom of his stroke-free great heart for the Wii set with buttons! Great Reader received it via the Chinese only hours ago and has already taken the Wii fitness test. It pleases me to inform you that the slim and trim Dicktater KIM Jong Il's Wii fitness age is 18 years old! Admittedly though our Great Reader was hoping for a Playstation 3 as the old Playstation 1, given him by Madame Albright, is pretty-much shot-out.

General (Seven Star) Wang
DPRK, Norf Korea

Friday, March 6, 2009

What's Up With This?

Here we have Michele Obama doing the Lord's "photo-op" work in a D.C. soup kitchen. Cool. My question is, who's this Dude in line for the free-lunch with the cell phone camera? If the down-n-outters/homeless are this well-off I'm just gonna have to start rollin'/shaking-down some of these f@#kers to help me pay my taxes. Just saying.

It's Friday (really). Let's Dance!

My good luck 0r hang-oon (Korean speak) just ain't been all that good this week. Yesterday I woke up happy that it was a Friday. Some or many of you may have noticed it was not. Now my wife, the lovely Kim, has just announced that I have to go to work early today. Basically I'd rather take an ass-beating but I will dutifully go and sell to the masses who want to steal shit from our store. The highlight of my day is kindly ejecting homeless types who straight-up stank and want to try on clothing....EEEeeeeewww! What I'm saying is that my ju-ju/karma/mojo/magical-mustache- powers seem to have no affect on the world in which I live, or in Washington D.C. Maybe I'll have better luck on Ebay. It's Friday, I guess...so dance anyway. I'm sorry if I sniped an item out from under you. No, I don't care if you've been the highest bidder all week. I feel like crap. I need a victory and a drink!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's NOT a Friday Here But it is in Korea! Let's Dance!

Friday? Already?! NO IT AIN'T....I'M SCREWED UP! Wooden be mine furst time either...oh well...what da hell! Cool! Spreaking of cool, there is a guy who retires frum the Navy next Friday. His name is Navy CPO. Drop by and thank him for his many years of faithful service! So here's an old tune just for him... and being it's "NOT A FRIDAY", people....time to get up off of those Obama-tax-paying-Wall-Street-bailing-out-money-makers and dance with the Great Reader to Diane Renay doing "Kiss Me Sailor"! It's NOT A Friday! Let's dance anyhow, DAMN-IT! Thanks to LL, over at Chromed Curses, for bringing Great Reader up to speed on what day of the week it is. Must be I'm on Korean time!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's a Hard-Knock Life

Let's face it. It's a hard-knock life in Iraq, I'll admit. But it's better thanks to our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coasties! It's WAY better LOOONG time! Support our troops 24-7, and may God bless them and their families always!! These men and women of the US Armed Forces are the real ambassadors to the world!!! Support, thank, and love on them... every chance you get.They are America! God bless them and their families... ALWAYS!

More Headline News an All Points Bulletin

An A.P.B. has been posted by Korean Airlines for a Korean National passenger, one Mr. KIM, U Jin. It seems that while enroute to Seoul from San Francisco, Korean Air flight#U812 suffered a port-side engine malfunction. This is when passenger KIM U Jin...bored now as he had just completed checking and servicing the aircraft's seats, toilet seats, seat belts, trays, AC nozzles, in flight video player, and stereo headphone jacks...jumped into action! Mr KIM bravely told the passengers and crew of the doomed-looking flight..."No Problem! I'm can fix EeeZee"! KIM exited the plane, while in flight, did a cursory check of the number 1 engine, then removed a very large Mallard or possibly a US Senator, from the engine's cowling . The brave Mr KIM, known as Mr FixItAll to his All-American brother-in-law (JihadGene), waved to the passengers and crew signaling that all was well! KIM suddenly saluted and left the wing area, falling to a fate somewhere near the Alaskan coast (see video below). When asked for comment, JihadGene said this..."I wouldn't be too concerned about him. Hell, he's probably checking the Alaska Pipeline for leaks or pressure fluxuations right about now. I would worry about Polar Bears and Grizzlies though, if he gets hungry. The guy can make Korean Bar-B-Q outta most anything".
(Thanks to Joated for this work's inspiration)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In-Law News

Attention! You're Attention please! THIS IS A KOREAN VISITOR UPDATE!

My Bro-In-Law, KIM U Jin (AKA- Mr Fix-It, Mr Neversitstill) has returned to South Korea and I am proud to announce the following things have been fixed, altered, otherwise repaired, and or replaced...

At Our Home: Light fixtures replaced (three of 'em). One was single bulb type with a pull string. Cost? $3.99. The other two were fluorescent 4 tube jobs that went over the bar and in the laundry room. The old ones would take forever to light up and I am tall enough to tap on the sides of the fixture to get the tubes to light up. Cost? Zilch. I had them in storage from another business we used to own.
Mud hole at front entrance to home graded and filled with 3/4 of a yard of crushed rock. Drains good. Cost? $19 for rock.
Doorbell to front door replaced with a newer wireless one from Orchard Supply Hardware. This is the one that of course is made in China and chimes "jingle bells". I guess Orchard was all outta the one's that chimed "Happy Birthday to You"and "Here Comes the Bride". Stooopid stinkin' Commies! Cost? $29.99 + $4.99 for batteries.

At Our Store: 8 foot and 4 foot fluorescent tubes replaced. Please note that this is no easy task as some of these lights are like 16 feet up to the ceiling. I have two ladders in the store...one 11 feet high, the other is an 8 footer. How in the hell he got up to that height I can only guess and it scares the crap outta me. Click HERE. The wife won't tell me how he did it. I ain't asking. Cost? Around $75.
Replace ballast in one 8 foot light fixture. Cost $47.
Set up and anchor six large shelving units purchased from the bankrupt Mervyn's Department Store. Cost? $0 labor. About $7 of the bolts. ($300 for the six shelving units).
Re enforced a sagging shelf put up by crappy carpenter. Cost? $0.
Employee bathroom cleaned (yes he did that too!). Cost? $2.29 for Ajax.

I'm sure my Bro-In-Law did a lot more stuff but I can't remember it all. As far as the flight home... he is back in South Korea now and will be back on the job there shortly if not already working even as I type. I thought my Sister-In-Law was going home too but I was mistaken as she has entirely too much stuff... in what once was MY HOUSE... to clean, organize (as she see's fit), and hide away from me. I just love guessing where my stuff is now located. The house has never been cleaner, and she is a nice person, and a wonderful cook. I just have to learn to stay the hell out of her way to keep from getting trampled or elbowed to death when I'm in the kitchen with her. I think she was an All-Village Women's League Basketball star back home in Korea. Did I mention she's making kimbap for us today? I can deal with that looong time!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Don't Mess With Grandma

Anyone who would hurt a Grandma deserves a by-God/by-chance encounter with this lovely silver-haired lady! I realize she is shooting way too high and God help those people or cows down range/over the berm... but tell me a would-be-thief wouldn't leave a trail of poop behind, if not some blood trails, marking his direction of escape. Granny's wackin' em in the toodles! Love her spirit LOOONG time!!!

The Streets of Bakersfield

The good Lord will forgive my heathen butt for not showing up in church today as I am off to hit the open road a little early in order to attend this here shin-dig for the Wounded Heroes Fund . Got the word from some Patriot Guard Rider friends down that way. All kinds of bikers are meeting at the Harley Davidson Shop then heading on over in mass to the dinner. American flags and motorcycles galore....all for a great cause..... OH HELL YES!!! (sorry Lord)