Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Operation Geronimo the Sequel

Meanwhile somewhere in the White House we find current CIA Director, Leon Panetta alerting President Obama of an upcoming and top secret Naval SEAL Team assault...

PANETTA: Mr President! He's at it again, Sir!


PANETTA: No. I only wish it was... it's Joe Biden, Sir!

OBAMA: He's awake?! What's he done now?

PANETTA: He's alerted Navy Seal Team 6 to standby for an immediate mission and has the USS Nimitz standing by for a funeral detail!!!

OBAMA: What the....???

PANETTA: He's calling it Operation Gary's Owed One, Sir!

OBAMA: Gary's owed one??? Say, isn't that that song George Armstrong Washington of the 777th Cavalry ordered played while slaughtering millions of innocent Cincinnati Red Skins fans, at the Battle of the Little Big Buldge, over in Texas?

PANETTA: No. You are thinking of Garry Owen, Sir.

OBAMA: Well, what is this Operation Gary's Owed One, anyway?

PANETTA: Sir, it's a plan to snatch the still unburied body of actor Gary Coleman, and give him a proper "Hollywood Style" midget-actor burial at sea.

OBAMA: Damn, I KNEW IT!!! I just knew it!

PANETTA: Knew what, Sir?

OBAMA: That I should have used the powers of my presidency to help out Michael Jackson.


Coffeypot said...

'...the still unburied body of actor Gary Coleman...' Man I bet he's ripe about now. Well, they had Prince Albert in a can, couldn't the put Coleman in a lantern?

Six said...

You kill me Gene. That's classic.