Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Friday! Let's Dance with Mrs Bin Laden!!!

Meanwhile in a Pakistan hospital, nursing a leg wound, we find Mrs Osama Bin Laden being interviewed by Al Jazerra...

REPORTER: So what are your plans now, Mrs Bin Laden?

MRS OBL: My plans? Well, what with not having to worry about things getting all blown up and shit, I guess... I could get some nice furniture...perhaps a new dress? Maybe even go out to a nightclub?!


HELL of a week! Hope yours was a good one! It's a Friday, people... so get up off of your money-maker's and let's dance with Mrs Bin Laden!! God bless all of our troops and their families LOOONG time!!! USA! USA! USA!


pamibe said...

Happy Friday, Gene! Love you loooong time! :-D

God bless our wonderful troops and their equally awesome families!

Coffeypot said...

That looked like me when my zipper got stuck in the bar bathroom. Recon Mrs OBL would like a ham sandwich or BLT while she is recouping?

Kid said...

Gene, I think there ARE some women, currently in Pakistan, re-evaluating their positions, and Thankful.

osammi spent SIX YEARS in that DUMP! restricted to TWO ROOMS !


I couldn't be happier. Well, I could but this is pretty damn good.

USA_Admiral said...

Dance, Dance, Dance!

God Bless them all!

Mark said...

That was Mean Gene. I don't know where you find these classics but they are rocking looooong time.