Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Engrish Korean Style

So, I add air to the tires on my wife's new minivan...

ME: Is the "check tire pressure light" off now, Honey?

WIFE: It's gone.

ME: What the??? It's still on?!

WIFE: It's gone.

ME: Jesus H. Obama! I can't believe that stupid damn 

light is still on!

WIFE: Why you getting all mad? Light gone now. 

ME: Wait a minute! Let me get this straight. You said 

the light is GONE now? GONE? G.O.N.E. ...GONE, as in  

NOT fricking ON, now?!

WIFE: That's what I'm said! Gone...like no longer long-

time on. Why you turning red? You mad at me?

ME: Sorry, Dear. It's just the "Engrish" language driving 

me nuts again!

WIFE: Tire plessure good ...now, let's check your blood 


ME: Good idea, LOOONG time!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Salute the Flag Sunday!

It's salute the flag Sunday! Let's pray: God bless our brave US Troops and their families Lord, for they are the very best of our country. Keep us free, dear Father. Make us strong where, and when, we have to be, and always focused on your goodness. Thank you, Lord...in Jesus name we pray. Amen.
Have a wonderful Sunday LOOONG time!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

It's Friday! Let's Dance!

So there I was...20 years old...a GI in Pusan, South Korea on April Fool's Day 1975. We were on an escorted date, it was our first date. Escorted by my good friend, PFC Huey P. LeDew of Swamp Cooler, Louisiana and his regal Korean bride, The Iron Empress.  Finally...we slipped away. Away in a crowded park with a bazillion school kids in sailor suit uniforms carrying Perry Mason looking briefcases strapped to their backs. This, the ancient time of 1975, was a time when the Army had rucksacks but backpacks for school kids hadn't been invented. Anyways... I was already in love with my girl, Kim. And her? My RUVLY bride to be LOOONG time was not too impressed with me...that,  I must admit. It was then that I reached into my "Rock-n-LOL" love sick bag-o-tricks and used these lines... "Give me a Break" and "You Can't Judge a Book by it's Cover".  The RUVLY Kim's English was limited. I don't think she understood. I panicked! It was then that I decided to break out in a song and dance routine! One that would make Bo Didley proud!! Proud LOOONG time!!! I did it so well that I got Kim to agree to a second date! Well... she agreed to something, not sure what, but my Korean linguistic skills weren't to honed, if you get my drift... and a yes is a "yes" in my book. My Book of RUV! So...here's to you! Hope your books of RUV are filled with happiness and have room for much more to come! We have been blessed! God bless you all and keep our wonderful US Armed Forces and their families in your prayers, very LOOONG time!!! It's Friday, sooo...LET'S DANCE!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Friday! Let's Dance!!!

Back in the summer of 1975...back in Pusan, S. Korea....some fellow soldiers (and an older NCO) told me our love wouldn't grow....that Korean girls were for fun...not marriage. Some 37 years later, we're still proving how wrong they were! Wrong, LOOONG time!!! Please keep our wonderful US Armed Forces and their families in your prayers. Deployed or not. Together or apart. Love and prayers are most powerful! Have a great Friday and let's dance! Slowly...softly...tenderly. God bless you all. -JG & his ruvly Yobo.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Michael Yon or Soldiers' Angels?

Back in the day, I gave Michael Yon money. I thought he was doing good things. Time and again, he has turned into a big disappointment. People do that to you sometimes. Soldiers' Angels has done...and continues to do...good things. Not so with Michael Yon. Click HERE for a link, to get up to speed on this whole Michael Yon vs Soldiers' Angels mess. It's from my favorite milblog, BLACKFIVE. I pray for Yon and Soldiers' Angels. Yon tears down, while Soldiers' Angels actively serves and assists. Both could use some prayers. Please support Soldiers' Angels. Thank you. JG

Speaks for Itself

I'm Gonna be Rich!

To make traffic drive even faster...in front of our lovely imperial palace (we call it home) the city is making our old 2 lane street into a 4 lane. Now, the speeders can go even faster! Oh goody. But I am not disheartened! No weigh Joe's A! Remembering the words of Great New Norf Korean Leader , KIM Jong Un..."When wife gives you women, make women aide."...or something like that....I am given hope with that change. Here's my plan...if the city let's me "go commercial" on my property, I would construct a JihadGene's mini mall! Hmmm? Sounds good to me. Maybe an In-n-Out Burger and , if I can get the right permits,  a "Wockets-r-Us" store! Suhweet,  LOOONG time!!! Hmmm? And to top it all off I need something special...a real "All American Landmark"! I've got it! Got it LOOONG time!!! I'll put in an Elvis drive thru wedding chapel! Not just any run of the mill Elvis Wedding Chapel, mind you! But one that also sells "Chick Fil A"! Oh yes, LOOONG time!!! I'm gonna be rich. Ruv Ya!  JG;)