Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Friday! Let's Dance for Project Valour-IT!!!

Well...what can I say, the Navy Team is really dragging ass in contributions for Project Valour-IT so let's encourage those Sailors to open their wallets with a fine dance tune! I know they'll throughly enjoy this one, LOOONG TIME!!! Don't ask...don't tell. It's Friday so let's dance and give it up for TEAM NAVY!!! To donate to Project Valour-IT for TEAM NAVY click this button...

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Check out Soldiers Angels - Soldiers Angels Project VALOUR-IT TEAM ARMY

I want you to take a look at: Soldiers Angels - Soldiers Angels Project VALOUR-IT TEAM ARMY 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Project Valour-IT and Team Army

It's a great day in the neighborhood LOOONG time!!! Why? Because it's time to break out that wallet or purse of yours and help out some very special folks. VERY SPECIAL! They are wounded war veterans who can't use their hands to do stuff like I'm doing now...or e-mailing friends... or getting lost in the wide-wide world of Face Book. Imagine sitting in a bed, wounded, and away from home having to have someone (when available) write your emails for you or help you see what's on the computer. Not good. But thanks to (then a Captain) the wounded/blow'd up by an IED, Chuck Ziegenfuss, Project Valour-IT was born. Who says good stuff doesn't come outta bad?! From this mess (Chuck's 2005 wounding while stationed in Iraq) came these voice controlled laptops. Operated by speaking into a microphone or by using other adaptive technologies, these laptops make it possible for a wounded Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or even a "heathen" Marine...keep in touch with friends, family, and best-buds back in their old units. For Chuck it was a blessing (my words). For Chuck (his words) "It wasn't just the blogging. It was the community. I had readers [who] cared about me." With the help of those wonderful folks at Soldiers' Angels, Chuck formed Project Valour-IT. Project Valour-IT has helped over 5,000 wounded troops as of September 2010. Unfortunately more will need our help. "OUR" help. Please give to Project Valour-IT as a fund raising drive is on between the services. It's competition between the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines starting today through Veterans Day November 11th. To donate to Project Valour-IT and Team ARMY click right HERE! You can donate to another service if you's all these laptops go to any branch of our armed forces as needed. Please help even if it's only a couple of bucks. Good begets good LOOONG time!!! RUV, JG ;)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obama's Targets Exposed by KIM Jong IL

Meanwhile somewhere north of the 38th Parallel we find Norf Korea's Great Reader KIM Jong IL smoking a pipe and checking out the latest news on CNN...

KIM: General Wang! Comes here!!! Checks outs what I'm T-Flowed for you!

WANG: Right here, Great Reader, Sir! What was it you TiVo'd for me, Sir?

KIM: I'm T-Flowed the She-N-N Newz. Just looks at whats I'm got's on my Wang Chung, soupersized (19 inch) brack and white, Chinese HeathKit TV screen! Look... it's the anchors-man, Wolf's Blitzkrieg!!! Watch and learn, General Wang...

TV: Wolf here, with a CNN news breaking report...CNN has just learned that no less than fifty ICBM's in Wyoming have gone off-line, rendering their targeting systems totally useless against "THE ENEMY" for a FULL 45 minutes!

KIM: Isn't that great, General Wang?!

WANG: Great, Sir? Do you mean it was great that we, North Koreans, may not have been targeted by the Americans for 45 minutes, Sir? Is that what you're saying?

KIM: No!!! I'm means that Americlaw's economy is on the rebound!

WANG: Let me get this straight, Sir. You say... that by America's missiles not targeting us, in North Korea, that the US economy is on the rebound?

KIM: No-no-NO!!! Think...General Wang! Who is Americlaw's President?

WANG: Barack Obama, Sir.

KIM: Yes! Now...whose the "ENEMY" of Barack Whosenamed Obama?

WANG: Are you saying TAXPAYING CONSERVATIVES and SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS were the targets of the missiles, Sir?


WANG: So...what you're saying, is that this "45 minutes of freedom" may have sparked some confidence in those hard working middle-class Americans who are invested in America with their hearts and souls, Sir?! You're amazing, Great Reader!!!

KIM: As SureWok Holmes would say..."It's trigonometry, my deer Watson!"

WANG: Can I have a hit off your pipe, Sir?

KIM: Okray...but don't Bogart it, Wang.

WANG: Shall I order pizza, Sir?

KIM: Oh hell yeah!

Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Friday! Let's Dance!!!

I had such a good time LOOONG time in Memphis that I just had to pick Elvis doing this song! So I'll dedicate this song to Leta, back in Memphis, Tennessee. Happy Friday friends! Let's dance!!!

The Memphis Trip

Here's an after-action report of when I visited with Leta (AKA: Tanker Babe), BlackFive's Uncle Jimbo (AKA: Jim Hanson), and Kev. Written by Leta...I couldn't possibly have said it any better. Click HERE and find out the rest of the story over at Leta's blog, "From Cow Patures to Kosovo". Happy Friday, everyone...LOOONG time!!!
(Here we are on Beale Street in Memphis,not more than 45 minutes after I landed!From the left: Gene, Jim, Kev, Leta)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy 235th Birthday Navy

It's the US Navy's 235th Birthday! I live near Lemoore Naval Air Station...the "land" home of all kinds of F-18 pilots and air crews. This one's for you US Navy guys and gals! Happy Birthday LOOONG TIME to all you SQUIDS!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

KIM Jong IL Judges Arkansas Barbecue

The people of Helena, Arkansas were fantastic, LOOONG TIME!!! I had a great time judging barbecue and all the while hearing great blues music live! What could get better than ask? Well...the answer is getting to be with BlackFive's Uncle Jimbo, his buddy Kev, and the wonderful Tankerbabe!!! I had a 49 hour pass, authorized by my "South Korean Minister of RUV", also known as MY LOOONG TIME RUVER (the wife)... to Memphis, Tennessee. The clock started from when I departed Fresno's airport on Friday until the time I touched down again on Sunday. Worth every JC Penny of it, LOOONG TIME!!! It was wonderful! I will post more later, but for now I feel a song coming on. A song sung by Andy Williams and re-written by JihadGene/KIM Jong IL (me) singing "Love Story"...or "Where Do I Begin". The barbecue was excellent and I had to screw it up a bit for this song. Hope all those fine folks in Helena, Arkansas can forgive me and not take it out on Leta for letting a Californian in on such a wonderful event and such a great time! The folks I met there, in Helena, were great LOOONG TIME!!! Please click on the YouTube to play and sing along with my re-written lyrics.

The RUV STORY SONG (rewritten by JihadGene and sung by KIM Jong IL & Andy Williams)

Where does I begin?
To tell the story of how great a drive from Memphis to Arkansas can be?
With Kev and Uncle Jimbo in the back filling empty water bottles with their pee?
The simple truth about what great barbecue means to me
Where do I'm starts

With Leta's first "Hellrow"
She gave new meaning to this Norf Korean world of mine
(*DISCLAIMER*...other than my wife)
She got me on as a barbecue judge...LOOONG TIME!!!
The southerners (not Korean ones) came into my life and made blues music fine
Barbecue filled my heart!

Barbecue filled my heart with various ribs and things
with pork butts and Uncle Jimbo's wild imaginings
Pork fills my Seoul with so much RUV
That anywheres I'm goes, I'm never ronely
With a face-full-of-pork, who could be ronely?
I reach for another rib and fall out the chair

How much looonger can I'm last
Can my ruv for barbecue send me to the hospital in one day?
Kev had no answers but now this much I can say
I know I prayed my heartburn would soon go away
And "UNCLE JIMBLOW" will still be there!!!

How long does this last
Can my "Super-sized Heavy-load Depends" hold out for this entire day?
I decline to give an answer but this much I can say
I know I'll need a Rexall Drug Store...hope it's not too far away
And I'll be there!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Friday! Let's Dance!!!

WOW! I just got an e-mail from His Excellency "Mangos La Cucaracha" telling me I won his country's lottery that I never even entered! Of course I gave him my bank & savings account numbers immediately so his country,"San Guano de Pero", could wire me the money as soon as possible! WOOHOO!!! I feel like ROCKIN' OUT!!! It's Friday so Let's Dance or more likely, just this!
Got any old smokin daze 1970's music to dance to? Hook me up with a link in comments preeze! Have a good time/looong time kind of a weekend and remember that Great Reader, KIM JONG IL... ruv's EWE very LOOONG time!!!