Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's Easter

Whether you're Korean or American...happy Easter and may God bless you all very LOOONG long time. He is risen! -JG & Family

Friday, March 29, 2013

It's Good Friday! Let's Dance!

It's Good Friday! Already? When I was younger time dragged by...especially when I was away in the military. As I age, like fine wine...or more like old tennis shoes in a high school gym locker, time flies by these days. Today's let's dance is a real good one to dance to, slow. Today's lets dance is a real good reason to dance, period. Because He lives, He lives in me. May He live and love, in you. Wear your red this Friday, in remembrance of our deployed US Armed Forces, and their loved ones back home. Give thanks. God bless you all very LOOONG time and have a wonderful Easter. -The JG Family 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

North Korean Knock-Knock Joke

Meanwhile...back on the Korean's 3AM in Norf Korea and the New Great Reader gets a call from our US Air Force 

                                                              USAF:    Knock Knock.

KIM:   Who's Dare?

                                                               USAF:    B-2.

KIM:  B-2 who?

  B-2 Bomber.

                                                    KIM: You have wong number! (click)

Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Friday! Let's Dance!

Friday? Already?? Great, LOOONG time!!! You know, last week was a really rough week for me...a spiritual attack of sorts...and depression. Through it, I prayed. Fought. Felt. Thought. Then prayed some more. Got through it. Now, on the other side of that, is another lesson learned. Seems I only learn lessons the hard way...but as long as I learn 'em...then good comes from it. Be thankful for all you DO have. For all you did have. Look for the good. It's right there! Not far away at all. Now, let's talk about "far away"...our troops. Please keep our wonderful US Armed Forces and their families, who may be far apart, and deployed far your prayers. Be thankful our great country has such wonderful folks who serve.   Count your blessings and be there to help someone who needs lifting up. Love never fails! Good begets good! Remember to wear a red shirt as it's Red Shirt Friday, to show support of our deployed troops. Now put on your Tony Lama tennis shoes and dance! God bless you all and have a wonderful weekend. JG :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Obama Brings Peace to Israel

BREAKING NEWS! President Barack Whosenamed Obama's recent trip to the middle east has influenced Palestinians to breakout in peaceful celebration and jubilance!  Palestinians were clearly jubilant as fireworks from the P.L.O. & Company rained down on Israeli heads. Secretary of State John Kerry was impressed with the fireworks, stating that it was a good old fashioned "Hamas Hello". That is all. Praise Allah and have a nice day, LOOONG time!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

North Korean Army forms New Unit

BREAKING NORF KOREAN NEWS! A new military unit has been unveiled today, near Pyongyang. Seen below is the DPRK's Great New Reader, KIM Jong Un with his latest creation...the People's Army 'O Little People! KIM stated this newly formed order of "Light Fighters" was unleashed now, due to a "DOUBLE THREAT" from the war provocateurs of America!

Great New Reader KIM cited the "double threat" as Disney's recent release of the movie "Oz" and the fact that St Patrick's day is this Sunday. That is all. Go find some food. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

It's Friday! Let's Dance!

It's Friday, people! I see that country & western music star, Jack Greene has passed away. My Dad loved his music. Today's song is a Greene one, on a Red Shirt Friday. Please remember our troops and their families, as you put on your boots to dance to this sweet country tune. Keep 'em in your prayers LOOONG time!!! Oh...and don't forget green on Sunday! Have a great St Patrick's Day weekend! Let's saddle up and dance!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Slow News Day

It's a slow news I'll tell you what I did...not 10 minutes ago. I picked up a dead opossum out in front of our house. Old and stiff...much like myself...I respectfully removed the body. This may be some kind of a North Korean perhaps "A uninvited guest will arrive for dinner." Oh well, have a great weekend LOOONG time, with or without dead opossums. JG;)

Friday, March 8, 2013

New Photos of Dicktater KIM Jong Un!

North Korea's Great New Reader, KIM Jong Un navigates the DPRK giant sized battleship "Boom Boom".
KIM points to beach, upon hearing the battleship has no onboard head. Norko Admiral-General, KIM Jong Un shouts the order, "Fools speed ahead! I'm got's to go! Gets me to that beach, LOOONG time!!!"

 A real pathfinder...the glorious DPRK Marine-Admiral-General, KIM Jong Un hits the beach!

Secretary General of Sewers 'n Cement Defenses, KIM Jong Un emerges with both a smile on his beautiful face, and a cleansed colon, from the heavily fortified & reinforced North Korean slit-trench!

                                               The DPRK's People's Army rejoice!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Joe Biden on NORKO Nuke Threat

BREAKING NORF KOREAN NEWS! After hearing of Great New Reader, KIM Jong Un's talk of a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the USA, Vice Premiere Joe Biden has issued the following statement: "I already told Obama and Kerry that Dennis Rodman wasn't 'all that', to that sawed-off little West Korean dictator! Dennis Rodman? Really??? What a bunch of malarky! I told them weeks ago to send in Moms Mabley and Scatman Crothers! They looked at me like I was stupid! Maybe they'll listen now? I certainly hope so...

Friday, March 1, 2013

It's Friday! Let's Dance!

I love this song! Keep our wonderful US Armed Forces and their families in your prayers very LOOONG time!!! It's Friday! Let's Dance!

Meanwhile...somewhere north of the 38th Parallel...we find the Great New Reader of Norf Korea, KIM Jong Un, kicking it and listening to a bootleg 8 track tape of Kenny Chesney's "El Cerrito Place"...
KIM: (KIM sings)
I'm been hanging awownd this place...I'm been launching wockets into space
I'm been waiting for a Loo...waiting for a loo-loo-loser just like you
All the places wind surfing that you go...all the catsup people that you know
I've been rooking forward to you...while launching mucho wockets too
All the anti war rallies that you go to...all the code pink people love you so
I'm been waiting for a Loo...waiting for a loo-loo-loser like you
And all those botox people...up in El Presidente's Place
I'll put your $ in my pocket....and you'll say "peace" with a stoopid grin upon your face
My wockets rain down on La Brea...while Obama vacations hard
Reverend Wright sings Hallelujah and Michelle dances with the stars
My wockets, you know, now can go so far
Me? I'm been lookin forward to John Kerry...lookin forward to you, Kerry...lookin forward to you, Kerry
All night LOOONG time long!!!
(from JG's HQ: It's Red Shirt Friday! Let's Dance!)