Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th My A$$ Let's Dance!!!

Okay you maggoty infested Americans, listen up!!! I am Great Reader KIM Jong IL and I am plissed-off LOOONG time at BLOGGER for their Friday the 13th screw up! I've dlunk more coffee this morning...enuff to fill the entire Yahoo Liver (Yalu River) and the Chosin where it's frozen! Be warned: THIS VIDEO HAS BAD SOLDIER TALK AND IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR JEHOVAH's WITNESSES!!! I'm feeling more bombed than Moammar Gadhafi right now. See this video and wait for the song at the end to dance. Learn to make coffee in Afghanisland and remember that KIM Jong IL RUVS you, our US Troops, and their families... a very LOOONG time!!! KJI & JG ;)


D. Skippy said...

Gotta love those coffee-obsessed Canadians. ;)

JihadGene said...

Deer Your Momma,

Okray,it's flyway the 13th, so I'm messed up and didn't nose they were Maple Leaf Heads. God breast the Canadians too! LOOONG time!!!

Whose Yo Daddy,

innominatus said...

One way to tell if your country is cool is if you can be mistaken for an American. Therefore, Canadians are cool.

Coffeypot said...

The real hell about being over there is that there is no Waffle Houses around to get some real coffee.

Teresa said...

ROFLMAO thanks for the great dance to end the week. Have a terrific weekend Great Reader.

pamibe said...

That was brilliant! LOL!

Have a wonderful weekend, Great Reader! Luv you looong time!!

JihadGene said...

innominatus- Our troops are even cooler LOOONG time!!!

Coffeypot- I've never been to a Waffle House. Do they have them in Korea? They probably do by now in South Korea. North? I kinda doubt it for some reason. ;)

Teresa- Ruv ya LOOONG time 2!!!

Pamibe- Keep fighting the good fight and spoiling those dogs of yours!