Tuesday, May 31, 2011

JihadGene on Women In and Out of Uniform

Last week I saw some e-chatter on the Whirl Why Web with some biker-patriot-guy-vet who was pissing and moaning about this year's local Memorial Day wreath laying ceremony, for it's being dedicated to women in uniform. What he had to say was not nice and that, because of this, he said he would not attend. Well? To him, we can sing an Old Army Hymn...
Let's see..it was back in 1985 that I was a Military Police squad leader in what was then W. Germany, with a squad consisting of 8 females and 7 males. Yeah, they kept me busy...but some of those gals had more heart and bigger balls than some of the men. And out-shoot 'em too!
Well, no shit. So anyways I want to play ya'll a little song. A song called "Mama was a Working Man".
This song I dedicate to all the women in uniform and the wives who have to "hold down the fort" while their hubby is deployed. God bless you ladies, a very LOOONG time!!!


Six said...

I'll second that "Fuck Him" Gene and send him along a gift certificate for a penis enlarger. Then maybe he'll feel even more manly.

Coffeypot said...

How come one douche bag needle dick makes the news and not the men who proudly work beside, and sometimes behind, some of the best, bravest women in the world. But I must say, having women in or out of uniform, I prefer out. Kevlar doesn't do much of what God gave'm.

stopsign said...

I'll 3rd that FH and raise you another F*ck Him loooong time.

Kid said...

Oh Yes Picture down at bottom of short page.

Pack them all in,as far as I'm concerned, including the children waiting too damn long for their parent's to come home.

JihadGene said...

Six- YES!!! ROR!!!

Coffeypot-So true about the kevlar!!!

stopsign- Thank you LOOONG time!!!

kid- U know it, LOOONG time!!!

USA_Admiral said...

There are idiots everywhere. he proved that long time.

I love women in uniform!

My girl was in uniform when I met her.