Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kim Jong Il Crazy?

Meanwhile somewhere in Joe Biden's enemy held territory of West Korea...we find Great Reader KIM Jong IL, Dicktater of Norf Korea, looking at the latest intel gleaned from the internet...

KIM- What?! I'm kraygee (Korean 4 crazy)? BWAHAHAHA!!!! General Wang, come crick!

WANG- Coming quickly, Sir! What's wrong?

KIM- Look at cumpooter. See this artickle by Rooters? (HERE)

WANG- It's Reuters, Sir...but's titled "Why it's sane for Kim Jong Il to be crazy".

KIM- Did you knows it ownree takes 33 minutes for an ICBM from Norf Korea to hit America?

WANG- Only 33 minutes, Sir?

KIM- 33 minutes.

WANG- So you are crazy while Obama cuts missile defense and gets a Nobel Peace Prize?

KIM- (looking really nuts)

...33 minutes, General Wang... 33 minutes...


Omnibabe said...

Ka-ching! I knew I could count on Great Reader!

pamibe said...

That little vid is terrifying, is it not? Someone needs to send that to ubama.

What do you mean, he's still on the campaign trail...?

Kid said...

You changed your Brogg! I'm dizzy !

buffalodick said...

33 minutes... too bad he has wockets that only can stay airborne 28 minutes..

USA_Admiral said...

Me likes the new look Great Reader.

That is a chilling video.

What could you really get done in 33 minutes?

My wife could not even make it home from work in that time, Let alone with with all the other people trying to get home or out of the city.