Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Money for Stop Loss Troops

Know someone who got caught up in Stop Loss...that's where troops who were due to get out of the service were involuntarily extended to complete tours of duty in exotic places like Iraq or Afghanistan? Well those troops, who served between 11 Sept 2001 and 30 Sept 2009, are due $500 more per month for time served (sounds like prison) or otherwise known as being involuntarily extended. I knew an MP who got caught up in that crap and his service time was extended so he could have another fun-filled complete tour of Iraq with the US Army. He took it well...but I thought it sucked an extra large bowl of hot sour owl shit or Korean kimchi soup (which are the same thing, really). Hey, I never claimed to be a good don't be supplized! Many troops got out of the service and may not receive word of this so if you know of anyone please let them know as I...#1 Firmly believe they deserve it...and #2 I'm sure they could use the extra cash in these "Days of Wine and Roses" with Team Obama. Speaking of teams... GO TEAM ARMY for Project Valour-IT!!! Here's the Military dot com article on stop loss funds HERE!

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