Monday, September 15, 2008

Ooooh Noooo, Mr. Bill

Jihad Gene's computer is down.
"This sucks," Great Reader was heard to exclaim.
Two or three days to wait for the Korean kissy face love story?
The suspense builds.  
Is he being a tease?
"It ain't no joke," B. Bob reported.  "Last time I saw him, he was huddled
in a corner, hands shaking, trying to text message stories to unsuspecting (and possibly unwilling) Blackberry owners."

Sorry folks, that's all.
Elder Sister


Anonymous said...

Oh, the humanity!


(patiently waiting. I have no Blackberry. Sucks for me!)

JihadGene said...

Gene doesn't have one either. I'm just trying to make him sound wealthy.

Healthy, wealthy and wise; one out of three isn't all that bad, even if the wealthy isn't true.

But he's sort of healthy. Ok. Let's give him credit for that. One-sixth of healthy, wealthy and wise.

Elder Sister

Evil Transport Lady said...

OH NOs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spring for a new comp fast!!!

D. Skippy said...

No updates?! O noes! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Was it the evil Mr. Hands or Mr. Sluggo. Can Spot save it?

This is a travesty of monumental proportions.

JihadGene said...


Contrary to rampant rumors spread by the evil, liberal media, Jihadgene has NOT abandoned his blogging responsibilities in order to become a Saracuda groupie.
1. He doesn't like women who can outshoot him.
2. Sarah's too busy to cook her delicacy "elk oysters." (Definition: Project Elk Oysters is part of a population control/catch and release program Alaska has recently funded.)
3. Jigene fears any woman with a filet knife.

Elder Sister

Maeve said...