Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Independent Press, Dateline California

Contrary to rampant rumors spread by the evil liberal media, this reporter can tell you that Jihad Gene has NOT abandoned his blogging responsibilities in order to become a Saracuda groupie.  During a recent telephone communication, Jigene lamented his loss of blogging outlets.  

Sidebar:  Thousands of men sit in bars, crying in their beers, over the temporary loss of blog communications. These men are suffering from the new psychological phenomenon which at press time has yet to be named by the Psychological Association of America.

Jihad Gene testifies that he has not actively become a Saracuda groupie.
1.  He doesn't adore women who can outshoot him.
2.  Jihad Gene likes to eat and he enjoys his wife's cooking.  Sarah doesn't have time to cook her famous, delicate dish  "elk oysters" while campaigning.  

For those readers not living in Alaska, Project Elk Oysters is part of a population control/catch and release program the State of Alaska recently funded.

3.  The sight of any woman with a filet knife in hand causes great discomfort to various parts of Jihad Gene's beloved body.

Please continue checking this site for the return of "Jihad Gene and the Great Korean Love Story."

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