Friday, March 8, 2013

New Photos of Dicktater KIM Jong Un!

North Korea's Great New Reader, KIM Jong Un navigates the DPRK giant sized battleship "Boom Boom".
KIM points to beach, upon hearing the battleship has no onboard head. Norko Admiral-General, KIM Jong Un shouts the order, "Fools speed ahead! I'm got's to go! Gets me to that beach, LOOONG time!!!"

 A real pathfinder...the glorious DPRK Marine-Admiral-General, KIM Jong Un hits the beach!

Secretary General of Sewers 'n Cement Defenses, KIM Jong Un emerges with both a smile on his beautiful face, and a cleansed colon, from the heavily fortified & reinforced North Korean slit-trench!

                                               The DPRK's People's Army rejoice!

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Kid said...

He is one awesome kid! Show us what ya got kid !