Friday, March 1, 2013

It's Friday! Let's Dance!

I love this song! Keep our wonderful US Armed Forces and their families in your prayers very LOOONG time!!! It's Friday! Let's Dance!

Meanwhile...somewhere north of the 38th Parallel...we find the Great New Reader of Norf Korea, KIM Jong Un, kicking it and listening to a bootleg 8 track tape of Kenny Chesney's "El Cerrito Place"...
KIM: (KIM sings)
I'm been hanging awownd this place...I'm been launching wockets into space
I'm been waiting for a Loo...waiting for a loo-loo-loser just like you
All the places wind surfing that you go...all the catsup people that you know
I've been rooking forward to you...while launching mucho wockets too
All the anti war rallies that you go to...all the code pink people love you so
I'm been waiting for a Loo...waiting for a loo-loo-loser like you
And all those botox people...up in El Presidente's Place
I'll put your $ in my pocket....and you'll say "peace" with a stoopid grin upon your face
My wockets rain down on La Brea...while Obama vacations hard
Reverend Wright sings Hallelujah and Michelle dances with the stars
My wockets, you know, now can go so far
Me? I'm been lookin forward to John Kerry...lookin forward to you, Kerry...lookin forward to you, Kerry
All night LOOONG time long!!!
(from JG's HQ: It's Red Shirt Friday! Let's Dance!)


USA_Admiral said...

That was absolutely great!

Let's Dance!!!!!

Kid said...


"kim jong un be an awesome dude !"
-dennis "s for brains" rodman.