Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Zero Five Hundred!!!

How the JihadGene Family Started the Day:

ME: It's 0500 hours, Son, so get outta that fart sack RIGHT NOW , Mister! WAKE UP!!!

BEN: (smiling) Okay, Dad.

ME: You maggoty maggot! DO NOT EVEN SMILE AT ME, LADY!!! GET UP so your Mom can make you a good-by-God-breakfast and so I can drag your raggedy ass'd flea-bitten carcass down to summer football practice where I will relinquish your young 14 year old rear end to other adults who will commence to kicking your butt like that pussy Obama can only dream about! You got that, MR. SLACKER?!!!

BEN: You like the smell of kimchi in the morning...don't you, Dad?

ME: Smart ass.
(That's my boy!!!)


buffalodick said...

I remember those days...and you are welcome to them!

Teresa said...

Ha - every boy needs to have 8 weeks of boot camp to really appreciate how good he's got it at home. LOL.

Kid said...

Gene, You gotta nip that attitude in the Bud!

;-) 25 seconds will do it...

BO's OilSpillBlog said...

Way to raise 'em right, Great Reader. And thanks for battling my troll. He's all oily now.

USA_Admiral said...

Hilarious and that is raising him right.