Thursday, June 17, 2010

Obama in Chrysler Commercial

Meanwhile...somewhere in the White House...

BO: Michelle, did you see this?

MO: What, Barry?

BO: The People's newest Chrysler commercial!

MO: Yeah I saw it...but I didn't get it. Bunch 'a white dudes and not a female one, nor a person of color in the whole damned commercial.

BO: Look again... my Big Booty'd's brilliant, I say!

MO: How in the hell is that shit brilliant, Barry?

BO: That commercial is ALL about ME!


BO: Just look, Sugar Booger! The guy driving that wind-solar powered People's Chrysler is me! ME-ME-ME!!! "I" was in the white-face and wig just so's to get it past those ass-hoe's at Fox News.

MO: OMG...Barry! And those white folks (in the red coats) you be runnin' down, really be white?!

BO: That's right, Sweet Meat! Not only white but "typical white" middle class racist Arizonans!

MO: I see it all clearly now, Barry! Those guys are a bunch of racist Arizonans that are tea baggers, war mongers, tax & spend complainers, oil driller-spillers, Israeli Army lovers, hockey-mom moose hunters, and a bunch of Neo Nazi conservatives who need a "teachable moment" about world peace through self-disarmament , health care SEIU style, Fannie-Freddy & friends bailouts, Islam-The Religion of Peace through Jihad Sensitivity Training, tax increases, N.Korean-Iranian nuclear energy producers, carbon footprints, and global warming!

BO: You got it, my bodacious Bamma Mamma! Now let Big Daddy show you how to plug a hoe...

MO: (bending over and grabbing ankles)
I'm so proud to be an American!



LL said...

Do you actually think that barry soetoro has sexual relations with Michelle? She's a woman and we know he doesn't swing that way.

However it was a cool commercial.

buffalodick said...

I am sick of commercials..they now have shows that are 1/3 commercials and 2/3 movie...

innominatus said...

There's something in this post that could be offensive to just about every flavor of leftist. Nicely done!

USA_Admiral said...

I am still trying to figure out if that is Robin Williams in that car. There is no way Barry would get any white on him.

Joanie said...

Forget o-hole. Let's talk about that car. I'm in ruv!