Monday, June 14, 2010

KIM Jong IL on Health & Beauty with Ranger UP

From the "Desk of Mess" of Great Reader KIM Jong IL:
Greetings Heathens! Have I'm got some news for ewes!!!
Kanani of The Kitchen Dispatch and the good people at Ranger Up have pushed the Great Reader KIM Jong IL to new heights of physical fitness! It came in the shape of a hard fought contest but KIM Jong IL's superiority complex separated the men from the toys in the World-Why-Web of well endowed military athletic supporters! I'm can't give U all the details of my massive victory in this battle of the bulged ones due to*DAAIWT! The Grand Prize was a date with Hillery Clinton (as seen kickin it in this video) or a T-shirt of my choosing. Like a Democrat on a new tax...I'm took the shirt! A nice one too, that later will be modeled by my #1 son, KIM Young Un! Thanks to the new work-it-out video by Ranger Up, Great Reader is strokin' it but not strokin' out. That is all.

Ruv You Looong Time,
Great Reader, KIM Jong IL
On the DMZ north of Bakersfield

(*DAAIWT= Don't ask and I'm won't tell)

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pamibe said...

Congratulations on your win, Great Leader! :-D