Saturday, January 10, 2009

KIM Jong IL's New Year Resolutions

You Should Travel to Hawaii

1) Get a pet wallaby

2) Eat less lard

4) Study fashion design

5) Get in shape with disco dancing

I...Great Reader, KIM Jong IL... have taken the test and have passed gas with frying (flying) colors! Eat less lard? Fashion design? Get in shape wiff disco dancing? How did they know?!!!
(*hat tip/ripped off from Captain Sql)


Elisson said...

Mr. Kim should also subscribe to the Great Reader's Digest, as befits a Great Reader.

JihadGene said...

#3 is missing. It's even top secret to KIM Jong IL!

pamibe said...

Evidently I should travel to Spain. Ahem.

1) Get a pet skunk

2) Eat less stale popcorn

4) Study abnormal psychology

5) Get in shape with street fighting

Anonymous said...

After much reflecting on the horrible year that was 2008, and at the "advice" of my three teenage children (who take turns not living here it seems)

my resolutions for 2009 are:

1. Get a life! (I didn't know I didn't have one)

2. Chill out!

4. Find someone to love like Gene loves his beautiful wife

5. Fix the fence so the dog doesn't escape anymore.

(who figures #5 is the only one that will get done in 2009. Happily there are only 354 days left in this sucky year. I'm psyched for 2010.)

Cappy said...

I'll have the extra lard, if your'e not going to eat it!

Anonymous said...

Aaaaah dude. Midget tossing?

You Should Travel to Holland

1) Get a pet iguana

2) Eat less garlic

4) Study communism

5) Get in shape with midget tossing