Monday, May 12, 2008

Why Corporals and Sergeants Must Stay Vigilant by jihadgene

PFC- (on phone)
Gee Mom...CPL So-and-so and Sergeant So-and-so are such A-holes, that I got busted just for having fun! They totally suck!

MOM- Fun? What kind of fun, Son?

PFC- Well, we had some down time and we were just kickin'it with a 15ton truck! We were just "ghost ridin'"! Nobody would'a got hurt, Mom.

MOM- Ghost riding?

PFC- Yeah it's cool Mom! Ghost ridin' the whip! And we got busted for it!

MOM- Let's see...according to urbandictionarydotcom it's...let's see...

"To Ghost Ride The Whip"

"Ghost riding is the act of getting out of your car while it is in neutral or while it is in drive and dance around the car, on top of the car, or behind the car. Ghost riding was populized with the wave of hip-hop know as hyphy and with songs by e-40 and the Federation. The act of ghost riding was thought up of by the people of the san fran bay area but now is being utilized by many teenagers around the u.s."

PFC- Are you on-line Mom? (I hate it when she's on-line)

MOM- Yes, son. I am.

PFC- But Mommmmm! My CO might bust me to the rank of Private!

MOM- That's nice.

PFC- That sucks, Mom.

MOM- So do you son. Have a nice day and thank your NCO's for me.

PFC- You suck, Mom.

MOM- I do my best. Should I e-mail your command and request extra duty for you, as well?

PFC- You're Army Strong Ma!

MOM- Yes I am.

* Thanks to DeltaBravo for her "MOMMY DEAREST" wisdom and the inspiration for this post!RYLT!!!JG


Anonymous said...

Okay, THAT is FUNNEEE! (I'm the horrible kind of mother who laughs her a$$ off at other people's children misbehaving because I'm not the one who has to clean up the blood and pay the doctor bill.) Oddly enough, other peoples' children DON'T think I suck.

I'm especially proud of our troops for doing their special tank dancing because no other superpower in history is on record for jammin' on the hood of a driverless moving armored vehicle to cool toonz, all the while saving the world for democracy. That takes true skill.

I think most other armies are known for pillaging the women and raping the cattle. Our soldiers are FUN! Seriously... if they wanted to invade my village in Texas, I'd throw rose petals in the street.


JihadGene said...

DB- Funny?...agreed!. It's one of those moments when you discipline a troop, for the good of all. Then when he or she is gone, you laugh your asses off with the other NCO's and start sharing some of the stupid shit that you pulled. It helps ya keep your perspective, so to speak. Helps too, to keep ya fair while simultaneously dishin' crap out. It's a hell of a lot like parenting at times.