Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Great Reader Kim Jong IL on Climate Change and Fortune Cookies

Meanwhile somewhere north of South Korea, north of the lovely 38th Parallel, across the Bridge of Freedom, we find Great Reader KIM Jong IL reading tea leaves...

KIM- General Wang! Cum QUICK!

WANG- What's the matter, Great Reader?

KIM- Watts-a-Matta? Watts-a-Matta for you!? Look in bottom of DickTaters tea cup!

WANG- It appears there's something in the bottom of your cup, Sir.

KIM- No shit, Sure-Wok! Them be tea weaves?

WANG- No, not tea leaves, Sir. A piece of paper. It appears to be a Chinese fortune, Sir.

KIM- A fortune, frum the Chi-knees? You means like I'm swimmin's in Yen, rollin's in the dough?! I'm witch, witch, WITCH!!!

WANG- Rich? No, Great One. Not rich.

KIM- Awww, kwap! Butts whats abouts fortune?

WANG- Fortune, like a Chinese fortune found in a "fortune cookie", my most
Glorious Self-Impaler.

KIM- What's Self-Impaler?

WANG- It's American english for a wanna-be Emperor.

KIM- Oh, like US Sintore John McLame?

WANG- Yes, Sir! (Heh-heh) Exactly like US Senator John McCain.

KIM- CRICK (quick)! Open paper of good fortune for Great Reader!

WANG- Opening paper, Sir.

KIM- What say, WHAT SAY??!!

WANG- It's in english, Sir. It says, "There's a sucker born every minute".

KIM- Korean trans-way-tion, preeze.

WANG- John McCain has bought into this Global Warming bullshit.

KIM- GREAT! Now get me anudder cup 'o Chi-knees tea. I'm needs to check on OBAMA & Hill-Ree CLINTON!!!

WANG- Coming right up, Sir!


Teresa said...

"John McCain has bought into this Global Warming bullshit."

I'm trying to figure out who hasn't. heh.

Erica said...

Even Rupert Murdoch and the president...Christ, it's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Oh, T...and remember...Newt Gingrich and Pat Robertson, too.