Friday, March 28, 2008


Meanwhile back in the "Land of the Morning Missile Launch" we find Great Reader KIM Jong IL in a very good mood.....look here

KIM- (Row-bust wee singing)

"I've Been Working on my Wockets" (sung to the tune of I've been working on the railroad)

I've been working on my wockets, all the riv wrong day.
I'm piss off the yung George BUSH....and Souf Koreans to-day!

Can't you hear the U.N. appeasing
Wise up early in the Morn
Can't yoo hear those U.N. fools shouting
KIM, we give you CORN! (for fuel only!...peoples of DPRK on diet/same-same starve)

KIMMY, don't yoo blow
KIMMY, don't yoo blow
KIMMY, don't yoo blow your Kool
KIMMY, don't yoo blow
KIMMY, don't yoo blow
KIMMY, don't yoo blow your Kool

Some one's into NUKES with Jong-IL
Someone's in ca-hoot's I know o-woe-woe. (Thanks Iran)
Some one's into NUKES with Jong-IL (Ruv yoo looong time Syria!)
Gonna buy a new YU-GO, and singing

Wockets fly, fiddlee I owe
Wockets fly, fiddlee I owe-owe-owe-owe
Wockets fly, fiddlee I owe
Sitting on the old ban-jo (banjo= toilet/W.C.)

(KIM turns to General Wang and winks)

KIM- Oh hell yeah!

(Wang alarmed at sight of rockets racing out of Pyongyang)

WANG- Yoo LAUNCHED?! Yoo LAUNCHED...AGAIN?! Why launch, Sir?!

KIM- Attention getter. Don't yoo think?

WANG- I think I'll get us both some PROZAC and Vodka.

KIM- Put a little umbrella in mine, Wang.

WANG- Certainly Great Reader.
(I better get the nurses over here with some THORAZINE)


joated said...

*sigh* The more things change....

Teresa said...

Will we see the Jib-Jab video of Great Reader singing this very soon?

JihadGene said...

teresa- I'm lucky if I can send a link! Hell, I don't even know how to take a picture with the stoopid cell-phone the wife makes me lug around.

joated- the more things stay the same? I don't know. I just don't.

Ruv yoo guys looong time!

***Oh yeah, my ELDER SISTER (the JACKASS) caught me cussin thanks to Great Reader. She commented in the JihadGene's Secret/Hillary Post.
I'm SCLUED! Any suggestions? My Sister Carol (the J.A.) is too lame to see anything here. Help!

JihadGene said...

Big Jihaddy-Daddy Hug to my one of my twisted fans Uncle JimBlow at Black Five dot net , for givin Great Reader the Push! Yooo soooo good to me...Loooooong Time!!!

I began channeling KIM there in 2006, I think. Anyway that's where it happened and found so much out about our troops. You know, the stuff you never see on TV news. Like what the troops are going through. The stories of heroism and loss. I am forever in debt to our US Forces and Allies with boots on the ground. I've a big thank you post to do. Hope to do it soon and hope I miss no one. Take care and thanks for stopping by...Wheelie!

Ruv to all, especially our troops and their families!!! JihadGene

Rich Casebolt said...

Dear Reader ...

... do be sure to remind the people of DPRK 90210 that you don't just order the building and launching of your "wockets" ...

... you sometimes act as TEST PILOT.

We have proof,
via Blackfive satellite spy camera

Ruv you loong time ...

Rich Case-a-bolt.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another choking on food incident.

Ruv YOU looooooooong time!

JihadGene said...

Rich- I'm owes yoo man! Thank yoo for makin my day an EZ one!
You really are a 1st Class word-slinger!

Mommynator- Sooo slorry for food stuck in your froat! Yoo be work at hosplittle! Can yoo get Great Reader maybee 10 lbs of drug called Oxen's-Cotton. I trade for a T-72 Tank (low miles). Get brack at me!

Ruv Yoo Guys Looong Time!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, Great Reader, I have ALWAYS wanted a tank!

But the dictators and powers-that-be in the hospital lock those oxen up tight.


JihadGene said...

To Mommy'sTater-
How's about Vi-Ag-La?!
Yoo know what is, Vi-Ag-La! It is same-same N.Y. Ex-Governor Spitzer's attention getter! We can do twans-action via E-Bray, it's not just for Donkeys (Democrat's). Senator Larry Craig has used it numerous "toe-tapping times" at public restrooms in the
TWIN CITIES airplort! Preeze ship in a plane brown rapper!
*Must be discleet.*
Shipping to:
The Bill Clinton Library of NORKO
C/O KIM, john-smith
P.O.Blox: Numero Uno
Pyongyang, Norf Korea 90210

P.M.S.-Did I tell yoo I'm just had the $49.95 (US) custom Earl Scheibe paint job and body work done on the tank. Rooks Good! BidPay/Paypal Okray!

You don't nose me
& Ruv yoo looong time!!!