Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vet's for Freedom Tour! Welcomed into K.C. with the Patriot Guard Riders!

Good ole BRACKFIVE! I'm Ruv them more Looonger every day! Go here

I'm clommand yoo! (RYLT, GR)

God bless all involved with this!!! Rain won't stop these Patriot Guard Bikers!!! (JG)


Erica said...

Yo, Great Reader JG....I am waaaay, way downfreakintown with that "Kansas City Here I Come" video.

Plate-ree-ot God Riders and Vets for ruv them and thank them looooong, long time.
(Is that really you in that pic with The King?)

JihadGene said...

10-Floor! I bees the guy on the right! Juz in case yoo cornfuse me with the big "E"! I joined PGR in December of 2006. Kept crashing my bike (mudder-pucker). That's where the Jihad came in...I kept committing JIHAD on that sunny beechin Honda VTX 1800. Now I drive supplort vehicle for PGR Bikes. The PGR are some of the rock-solid best folks around! Bar-None!

My Dad (a WWII US MARINE, now deceased) often told me-
"Boy. You always get fun and suicide all mixed up. Knock that shit off!"

Gosh I love and miss him! But I still have my sister's to call JACKASSES!
Ruv them Looong Time!
Yoo too, Ericklaw-JACKASS!

Great Reader & JihadGene