Friday, March 21, 2008


Meanwhile somewhere in North Korea, in "The Land of the Morning Missile Launch", we find Great Reader KIM JONG IL learning to brogg (blogg) for the 1st time in his adult life....

KIM- Mudder-Pucker! For da furst time, in mine adult life, I'm proud to be a brogger! Mudder pucker, Obama's Old Lady ain't got shit on me! Now I'm can preach to da masses, same-same as racist dumb-ass, Minister Jerry-my-yASS Wright!
Preeze excluse me if mine command of da Engrish language frucks yoo to speak...butt I'm am being "channeled" through JihadGene who's caucasian-ass is a product of the Kalifornia Pubrick Skool Systum! Mudder puckin spell check ain't his forte, so's to spleek. I'm am hope to entertaining all of yous and make you my blogg slaves! Life is good whether you rikes it or not. I'm a Big Dick-Tater and no have time for boo-shit! If you have question for Great Reader, then pleeze axed me. I'm no kill you (in most cases). If yoos don't like it you can blame somebody named Erica's Blog over at Erica's Blog. Thanks a hoe lot Ericklaw! Now I'm got headache and wockets .

I'm KIM JONG IL and I'm proof of this messag-ie!

Ruv Yoo Looong Time,
Great Reader, KIM Jong Il
Pyongyang, DPRK 90210
C/O JihadGene
Central Koweefornia, USA U812


Erica said...

Awesome! Am I the first commenter? You realize that your having a blog is the culmination of all m dreams come true.

I visit you looooong time.

Anonymous said...

Can do E.Z.! You be numba wun (#1) in all Norf Korea! I'm no shit you knot!

I'm got Wockets!
Great Reader

Teresa said...

Yay!!! Comments are on - excellent.

Much brogging success to you!

That 1 Guy said...

Welcome to the bloggy thing, Great Reader! I've seen your comments over at Erica's, Jimbo's and Matty's places... was wondering when you'd start your own!

Anonymous said...

Oh great reader, I'm finking yoo need rip a new asshole fer dem pleeple in Minnesota for frucking wiff them Vets for Fleedom guys and crapping up the tour. See Brackfive ASAP.

Anonymous said...

... welcome!... rock on, big guy....


Erica said...

Are you call me a "knot," Great Reader?

JihadGene said...

Me not sure abrout "knot" question...?
Me Ruv Yoo Looong Time...YA KNOT-HEAD!
Great Reader, KIM Jong IL

Anonymous said...

Way to go Ericklaw!