Sunday, March 23, 2008


Meanwhile somewheres over IRAQ-

GUNSLINGER SIX- Damn Sir! Great to have you on-board my gunship! Er...sorry about the cursing, Chaplain. It's just great to have you aboard on this Easter Sunday and all.

CHAPLAIN- No sweat, Six.

*Radio Traffic*

*Gunslinger Six this is Eye in the Sky. We have four Tangos (terrorists) in the open at your 12 o'clock, range 300 meters!*

GUNSLINGER SIX- It's okay if ya want to turn your head. I'll understand, Chaplin.

CHAPLAIN- Only if it will give me a better view!
There they are!!! Pour heaping hot-coals on their heads and through their sorry asses!!!

GUNSLINGER SIX- Well, praise the Lord! We're rollin in hot. Happy Easter Everybody!

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