Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DPRK Rockets Out of Economic Depression

Meanwhile...we join Great New Reader, KIM Jong Un at Norf Korea's Sohae Satellite Launching Station and Battery Factory#3, as he observes the launch of a Galaxy-3 rocket, called the Unha-3 with General Wang and company...

KIM: Wowsers LOOONG time!!! Look at dat mudder-pucker go, General Wang!

WANG: It brings a tear to my eye, Great New Reader, Sir!

KIM: Yes! Is booty-full LOOONG time!!! It sure is good I'm stepped up battery producksion before President Obama's re-erection to help pay floor all of this good stuff!

WANG: You mean to tell me, Sir, this has been paid for through the increased sales and exportation of our batteries, Sir?

KIM: Absowootly, General Wang!

WANG: What kind of batteries do we produce that could possibly pay for all of this technology, Great Un?

KIM: Replacement batteries for the "Obama Bullshit Decoder Ring", of course! Sales are off of hook LOOONG time!!! I'm witch (Koreanese for rich)! Merry Crittmuss, General Wang!

WANG: And a very merry Christmas to you, Great New Reader. Merry Christmas LOOONG time, Sir!!!


Kid said...

Fwiws, I condemn this rocket launch by Norf Koreas.

JihadGene said...


Kid said...

For what it's worths

Kid said...

I have a speech impediment.

Caused by an excessive democrats presence.

JihadGene said...