Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Obama Wins Back Latino Voters

My Gawd, LOOONG time!!! Just when you begin to think things couldn't possibly get any worse...my facebook pal...Maggie G. updated her cover photo with this picture! Obviously, in an effort to win back the "Univision Vote", President Barack Whosenamed Obama has directed the US Border Patrol to begin giving free pony rides to any illegal alien's family who may have suffered the loss of a loved one killed by an assault-rifle provided by the US Government, in the "Fast & Furious" debacle. (Sadly this story is actually believable)-JG


Kid said...

This was no doubt posted before we lost another agent....

obama has actually mandated pony rides for anyone taking out a border agent - would not surprise me either. Course it would be on the down low.

This comment is probably rude, but not as rude as obama and that's my point.

visit this site said...

Good luck America.