Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Friday! Let's Dance!

Here it is..a Friday...already??? Geez! I'm still working on "Love American vs Korean Style" #21 or's slow going...but I will get it done. We hope things are good out your way! I can't help but wonder how they are out in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan's ways! The Chinese smell American weakness LOONG time!!! Frickin Iran! God, help the people of Israel. More reasons to pray, I know. So many need our prayers of love and support. But hang in there, people...because the sun is gonna shine tomorrow! Pray good for someone, be it a faceboook friend...a neighbor...for someone doing the best they can...for anyone you think may need it. Pray! Encourage them! Love and lift 'em up! Be sure to keep, at the top of your prayer list, those brave men and women of our great US Armed Forces! Keep them and their families in your prayers! Good begets good! In an attempt to appease the Red Army, I will play their latest music video, and we can all dance rings around those assholes! Ooops...sorry, Lord. It's let's dance!


pamibe said...

Happy Friday, Gene! :)

LL said...

You're my kind of insane, Gene.

JihadGene said...

Ruv U LOOONG time, Pam!!!

LL-Takes one to nose one! Thanks LOOONG time and vote for KIM Jong Un!!!