Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Engrish Korean Style

So, I add air to the tires on my wife's new minivan...

ME: Is the "check tire pressure light" off now, Honey?

WIFE: It's gone.

ME: What the??? It's still on?!

WIFE: It's gone.

ME: Jesus H. Obama! I can't believe that stupid damn 

light is still on!

WIFE: Why you getting all mad? Light gone now. 

ME: Wait a minute! Let me get this straight. You said 

the light is GONE now? GONE? G.O.N.E. ...GONE, as in  

NOT fricking ON, now?!

WIFE: That's what I'm said! Gone...like no longer long-

time on. Why you turning red? You mad at me?

ME: Sorry, Dear. It's just the "Engrish" language driving 

me nuts again!

WIFE: Tire plessure good ...now, let's check your blood 


ME: Good idea, LOOONG time!!!


innominatus said...

Blood plessure... gone!

Kid said...

Hahaha. That happens all the time here !

Oddybobo said...