Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm Gonna be Rich!

To make traffic drive even front of our lovely imperial palace (we call it home) the city is making our old 2 lane street into a 4 lane. Now, the speeders can go even faster! Oh goody. But I am not disheartened! No weigh Joe's A! Remembering the words of Great New Norf Korean Leader , KIM Jong Un..."When wife gives you women, make women aide."...or something like that....I am given hope with that change. Here's my plan...if the city let's me "go commercial" on my property, I would construct a JihadGene's mini mall! Hmmm? Sounds good to me. Maybe an In-n-Out Burger and , if I can get the right permits,  a "Wockets-r-Us" store! Suhweet,  LOOONG time!!! Hmmm? And to top it all off I need something special...a real "All American Landmark"! I've got it! Got it LOOONG time!!! I'll put in an Elvis drive thru wedding chapel! Not just any run of the mill Elvis Wedding Chapel, mind you! But one that also sells "Chick Fil A"! Oh yes, LOOONG time!!! I'm gonna be rich. Ruv Ya!  JG;)


Coffeypot said...

Our chick-fil-a had a line a mile long and traffic at a standstill today. I agree with the reasons they are going there today, but I just don't like there dried out, cardboard chicken. And I have seen the In and Out Burger thing, but never tasted one. So that will give me an excuse to drop by...if I can get slowed down enough to turn in.

Savary said...

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