Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Friday Let's Dance and Shop!!!

My sisters are getting the same present this year! My Elder Sister Carol has already received her gift and my nephew has learned to feed it dust bunnies! So my little sister gets one too! I've incorporated their Christmas gift hints into this rewritten song, and along with it, the pains of Christmas expenses on a Norf Korean budget. I expect this to be an Amazon classic some I've ordered their gifts from Amazon. As always, let's keep our brave US Armed Forces in our prayers along with their families LOOONG time!!! It's Friday! Let's sing and dance to this version of "Rawhide" rewritten by yours truly, JihadGene!

Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum
Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum
Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum
Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum...ROOMBA!

I keep spendin' spendin' spendin'
Like my credit card was stolen
I'm afraid the wife is gonna have my hide!

Through pain and words and weather...
...hell, just whatever...
I hope that this Christmas...
She'll let me slide

All the things I'm a missin'
Common sense and her good kissin'
are waiting at the end of my (PayPal) ride

Move it on. Finish up. Gotta go! Don't cha know? My hide!
Move 'em out....gotta go...UPS don't ya know?
No one likes American Express...that blows!


stopsign said...

Like your version~It should be a hit!
Happy Shopping! you'll be waiting in lines a Looooong time.

Kid said...

Great Lyrics ! hahahaa

Kid said...

Just watched Jose Wales today, one of my favorite Clint movies.

Head em up, move em out,
Move em up, head em out.
(and rinos)

Jim Carlson said...

O Great Reader.

So sorry to rearn you go to Great Commune in sky.

Where we send frowers?

Ruv you wroooong time.