Friday, December 9, 2011

It's Friday Let's Dance and Deploy

Today's Let's Dance is dedicated to #1) My lovely wife and #2) to our deployed troops. Man, if ever there was a homesick GI love song to his very special girl...this is it.! My wife (The Lovely Kim) has deployed to South Korea for our niece's wedding. A quick one week visit and then back to work. It's a Christmas present she has earned LOOONG time!!! My little dog's (Trouble's) knee is much better but...just the same... I'm gonna pick him up...and gently dance with him, to this beautiful song. God bless all of our troops and their families! Keep them all in your prayers and have a wonderful weekend people! I think I'm KIM Jong IL and I approve of this message LOOONG time!!!


USA_Admiral said...

Prayers for a safe return and for the men and women deployed.

USA_Admiral said...

Forgot to mention what a great voice Sam Cooke had.

Kid said...