Tuesday, December 27, 2011

KIM Jong IL's Body Ready for Funeral

The Great Suxccessor, KIM Jong Un, son of Great Reader, KIM Jong IL, gives special thanks to the Pyongyang Taxidermy & Make Up Plant#7 for the bang-up job they did on his Father! See photo. Word has it that the Great Suxccessor will have the Hip-Hop Group, "LMF(DPRK)AO" perform their hit single, "I'm Sexy and I'm Nose it"... LOOONG Time!!! That is all. JG ;)


Erica said...

Why aren't you famous? I'm looking at that image and your commentary and I'm just stunned into hysterics.

Kid said...

That's Beautiful ! hahaha

USA_Admiral said...

I guess he should have tried this look 10 years ago.