Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Friday! Let's Dance!! Dog Gone It!!!

Got dogs? We do. They are a part of our family. My flying Shit-zoo (I know it's spelled differently), named "Trouble" is getting old, like me, and has blown out a knee. He has been on pain meds since Monday and dog-gone if he isn't doing much better and now may not need surgery, since he is a rather small dog. I sure hope so! Well, all of you critter people out there... and military dog handler types....pick up a pooch and dance because...after is Friday! God bless all our US Armed Forces and their families very LOOONG time and remember "Toys for Tots" while you're out Christmas shopping this weekend!!!


innominatus said...

Dang. Blown out a knee just days before the NBA season is ready to start. Hope he has a guaranteed contract. And I hope he gets better. So he can dance!

Kid said...

Nice Vid Gene. Toys for Tots. Yes. Giving. Yes.

(Non-secular Christmas music.. NO!)

Hope the weekend is good and the Creek don't rise.

More than anything right now, I hope your pooch gets well without the surgery.
Some neighbors have a beagle that years ago had a similar problem, and received a very successful surgery. So if it comes to that, Good Thoughts for your little man.

pamibe said...

Hope your little Trouble dog is mending and can chase the mail carrier soon! :)

Kanani said...

Well, I guess this means Trouble gets carried that much more!