Tuesday, October 18, 2011

US Army Recruiter Catches Purse Snatcher

Sorry this happened in my own home town, but I am so very glad LOOONG time that we have US Army Staff Sergeant (E-6) Jason Pruitt here in Hanford, California on recruiting duty! It seems some bone-headed pudgy 18 year old decided he would snatch a ladies purse. The lady yelled for help as the suspect/shithead was grabbing it. Fortunately SSG Pruitt heard her plea and chased the teenager/dirtbag, who was heading past the recruiter's office. SSG Pruitt subdued the criminal and held him for police who took the would-be purse snatcher to jail. I love stories with a happy ending! Especially ones with real heroes! An old recruiting slogan in the 1980's was "There's something about a soldier". Yes there is! And it's something very good! Hanford Sentinel newspaper story HERE.


innominatus said...

Excellent. Hope the "subduing" was vigorous and painful for the bad guy.

Kid said...

Thank You Army Staff Sergeant Jason Pruitt !

And thanks for telling us Great Reader !