Friday, October 7, 2011

It's a Napoleon Dynamite Friday! Let's Dance!!!

Friday? ALREADY?! Where does the time fly LOOONG time??? Lately, I'm hooked on me some Napoleon Dynamite. So, all of you Kip Dynamite's and Lafawnda's out there...let's do it...let's dance with "Mohammed Dynamite" because it's a Friday! As ALWAYS, make sure that you keep our most awesome US ARMED FORCES and their FAMILIES in your prayers very LOOONG time!!!


USA_Admiral said...

Now that is entertainment!!!!

Always keep them in my heart and prayers. They are doing the job the occupier protester morons can't and will not.

Six said...

If I've never said it before, I love "Let's Dance Friday's". Makes me smile each and every time.

Thanks Gene.