Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Friday! Let's Dance with The Knight Caps

Friday....again??? Already???!!! Oh yes-yes-YES!!! My friend, Kanani Fong...over at The Kitchen Dispatch, indirectly reminded me of this song! She got a job as a TEMP! Well...since her HUB's is Army...what better way than to salute and dance to our troops and their families than to have the 2011 West Point "Knight Caps" do our dance tune LOOONG time!!! God bless our US Armed Forces and their families. Keep 'em in your prayers! Funny how prayer works....when I pray good for others it usually comes right back at me. Good begets good...truly! Have a great weekend LOOONG time!!! JG ;)


USA_Admiral said...

Great tune and keep on dancing!

God bless them all!

True about the prayers.

stopsign said...

Troops and families always in my prayers.

I agree with you and the Admiral about the prayers.

BTW~ Always liked that song.

Kid said...

Yes Sir, they need it now more than ever, with the dictator(tot) in charge, sending great people here, there, and everywhere.
I understand this is what those folks live and train for, but..

Come home guys and gals.