Saturday, April 2, 2011

JihadGene works on Part 20!

Friends: Even though I haven't written a "Love American vs Korean Style" since 2009, in the next week or two, I will continue to write about the RUV of my life (my wife, AKA: The lovely Kim) and our travels through the international web of love and marriage. It was rather funny but not exactly easy. Installment #19 was my last post way back in 2009 and I vow to great-reader's you... that I will continue to tell all! Admittedly, some... and at times much of this, is B.S. sprinkled with about 65% truth. If you are new here please go back to read some of the earlier parts of this G.I.'s tale of love at first sight. This is me, JihadGene, as an old guy taking a look back at himself...and love...and raffing out roud! I can't help but come off sounding like Steinbeck writing about Cannery Row, as I write about the 1975 Republic of South Korea. Korea, in 1975 was a smell, a sound, a silence, and a strange sight to this 20 year old Californian. Looking back gives me great happiness and brings it all back again. It's a joy and a happiness that surrounds me, and reminds me of what is important in life...and what really does matter. I hope it comes across, in that way, for you. Have a wonderful weekend...wherever you are... all means...keep our awesome troops and their families in your prayers a very LOOONG time!!! JG ;)


USA_Admiral said...

I keep them in my thought and pray for them everyday.

Supi said...

You have a wonderful weekend too. I'll keep troops in my prayers, always.

Kid said...

Always Gene. And yours is one of the best stories I've read in a Looooong time. ;-)