Wednesday, April 6, 2011

God, KIM Jong IL and Glenn Beck

Meanwhile somewhere in a make-believer's little brown church, in Norf Korea, we find Great Reader KIM Jong IL on his knees...

KIM: Deer Father in heaven... preeze hear my prayers. Floorgive me of mine sins and helps me out, here.

GOD: What's on your mind, you HEATHEN ?

KIM: JihadGene is a conservative who hates Glenn Beck. Won't Gene goes to hell for that looong time?!

GOD: No.

KIM: Tanks, Lord! mores question, Lord?

GOD: Fire away.

KIM: Am I'm going to hell, Lord?

GOD: Well, it depends.

KIM: Dee-plends, Lord?

GOD: Let me put it this do you feel about watching the 700 Club co-hosted by Pat Robertson and Glenn Beck, for all eternity?

KIM: Crap!!!

GOD: I'm leaving now. You can get up off your knees.

KIM: I'm standing stwaight up, Lord.

GOD: My bad.


pamibe said...

LOL! Love it loooong time!!!!

Kid said...


Yea, I don't know what the Glen Beck attractions is or Was.

He's an idiot and does conservatives a great disservice by speaking for them. I understand he has lost 50% of his viewer-ship in the last year and now his show has been flushed.

Count me out part way into his 1st year.

At best he is boring.

In reality, he's an idiot.

Goodbye Glen. Maybe you can be replaced by someone like William F Buckley, who was able to get conservative viewpoints across without moronic sound bites, adolescent behavior and all the rest.

hpjunior said...

I've defended Glenn Beck many times, usually on the basis that, quite often, his guests were quite enlightening on particular subjects.

It's past that now, for me. He's talked that "end of days" stuff one time too many, for me. When Lawrence O'Donnell out-thinks you (as he did ol' Glennie-poo), it's time to leave the airwaves.

Funniest moment in this blog entry: When God says, at the end, "My bad." (I actually laughed out loud.)

Unknown said...
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JihadGene said...

Pam- Ruv ya looong time!!!

Kid- Well put!

hpjunior- Thanks for you comment! looong time!!! (my bad) ;)