Friday, February 11, 2011

KIM Jong IL Watches CNN

Meanwhile somewhere norf of the Samsung-infested nation of South Korea we find Norf Korea's Great Reader KIM Jong IL watching Shee-N-N for the latest news...

KIM: General Wang! Come quick and adjust wabbit ears on mine Philco TV!!

WANG: (enters and adjusts) There you go, Great Reader Sir! Rabbit ears all adjusted.

KIM: Great! This is LOOONG time important breaking news I'm watching!!!

WANG: Wow! Look at all those people jumping up and down, celebrating, and waving flags, Sir.

KIM: Yeah...I'm guess Bawack Whosenamed Obama has granted them all amnesty! Looks like those Mexiclans know how to throw a fiesta LOOONG time!!!

WANG: Sir...those are Egyptians.

KIM: bad.

WANG: Will there be anything else, Oh Great One?

KIM: I'm hung-glee, Wang. Why don't you call Colonel Sanchez's Korean Fried Chicken and order up a bucket of El Pollo Loco!



pamibe said...

LOL! About right! Happy Friday, Great Reader!

Kid said...

Dang, Now I want a good Pollo Fajita from La Pinata, best Mexican restaurant in Phoenix at 19th ave and Osborn, and some of their Margheritas!

But I'm 2,000 miles away !