Monday, January 31, 2011

Korean New Year: KIM Jong IL Talks Football and Beer

Meanwhile back in Norf Korea on the north side of South Korea's goal post (the DMZ) it's Korean New Year's Day and we find Great Reader KIM Jong IL, thinking and drinking, NFL football...LOOONG TIME...while watching cartoons on TV.

KIM: You knows, General Wang,...for Korean New Years...I'm just wishes that Betts Favre was going to bee in the Soupers Bowl. (BELCH!)

WANG: I didn't know you liked American football, Great Reader Sir.

KIM: Butt of clourse! NFHell Footsball is very good game!! (BURRRP!!!) Hands me a'nudder beer...will you, General Wang?

(Wang goes to KIM's 225 sq ft compact bar fridge, opens door, and finds all sorts of beers)

WANG: Uhhh...Great Reader, Sir?

KIM: What's problem?

WANG: Which brand do you want, Sir? There are so many...

KIM: The green and yellow, white and green, purple and white one...of course!

WANG: Hmm...(examines beer)... I've never heard of this beer, Great One.

KIM: You means to tells me you never herds of OLD NUMBA #4, made by Betts Brewery?!

WANG: I'm afraid not, Sir...

KIM:'s the beer that made the Green Bay Jets of New York City, Minnesota famous!

WANG: I should of known.

KIM- Wanna watch some TV with me, General Wang?

(KIM puts on his green & yellow Viking helmet)

WANG: thanks, Sir. I'm not into Spongebob Squarepants.

KIM- What???!!! I'm thoughts it was a show about Gween Bay fans! Damn!!!

WANG: Anything else before I go, Sir?

KIM: Change TV channel on remote.

WANG: Certainly, Great Reader...what to?

KIM: The K-9 channel... I want to see sneak previews of the 2011 Westminster Dog Show. I'm heard Michaels Vick is gonna be one of the judges!

WANG: (OMG)...


* This one's for that "Favre Lover" LOOONG time....UNCLE BLACKFIVE.
(also known as: UNCLE JIMBLOW and BRACKFIVE, in Norf Korean speak.)


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Another gem fermented from the mind of our Great Reader.

pamibe said...

Michael Vick a judge at Westminster! LOL!

Kid said...

Gene, you are the King of Kim !

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Hot Pants!!!!

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Part Owner of the Green Bay Packers
Uncle Jimbo