Friday, October 15, 2010

The Memphis Trip

Here's an after-action report of when I visited with Leta (AKA: Tanker Babe), BlackFive's Uncle Jimbo (AKA: Jim Hanson), and Kev. Written by Leta...I couldn't possibly have said it any better. Click HERE and find out the rest of the story over at Leta's blog, "From Cow Patures to Kosovo". Happy Friday, everyone...LOOONG time!!!
(Here we are on Beale Street in Memphis,not more than 45 minutes after I landed!From the left: Gene, Jim, Kev, Leta)


LL said...

It looks as if you might have been blind for three days after that drinking binge...Memphis can do that to you. It's not New Orleans, but the town has a lot of attitude.

USA_Admiral said...

That looks like quite the crew there. It looks like everyone was having a grand time.

kerrcarto said...

You don't have a brother that lives in Kerrville, Texas do you? Cause there is a dude her in town that you could pass for a twin.