Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Great Dog Story

Go over to The Warrior Class and read a wonderful "Dog Story" by a cannon-cocker called Six. It's titled "HERE CHRISI". This story is about an old dog with pride. A tale of honor and respect...and teaching those lessons to some web-footed heathens. A real fun read. I look at my 2 dogs and I know they have some Chrisi in them as well. Matter of fact, one of them is giving me the "What?" look right now. Enjoy.


Six said...

Thanks Gene. I Ruuuv you loooong time!!

pamibe said...

Great story! I think my Dachshund in particular has some Chrisi in her... ;)

JihadGene said...

Six- Right on, Six!!!

Pam- My Shit-zu carries that "What" look around on his little face a hell of a lot. My Westie is the "I'll teach those damn ducks a lesson they won't soon forget" one.