Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Friday! Let's Dance!!!

Great Reader KIM Jong IL, here. Gene's birfday is coming up soon. Gene is a ZEBRA (Libra)and an Elvis fan. He received an early birfday gift yesterday via YOUPEE-S from his Elder Sister Carol. It was an Elvis Potato Head doll(that's potatoe if you are a Dans Quails). Anyways, it's time that ol' KIM Jong IL broke out the white jumps-suit and did some Elvis tunes! ask? Becluzz IT'S FLYDAY! So let's DANCE!!!Have a great weekend everybody! I'm Great Reader KIM Jong IL and I'm proof of this message!
If you have a cool dance tune or Elvis video put in comments and thanx looong time!!!


Teresa said...

Okay that is one scary vid. But Happy Birthday Gene!!! LOL.

Maeve said...

All the good looking people are born under the sun sign of Libra.

Hope you have a great B'day!

Kanani said...

is in Gene's bathroom.

USA_Admiral said...

Luv da Elvis Great Reader!

Joanie said...

Happy birthday! (And why isn't it listed on FB anymore?)