Friday, August 6, 2010

It's Friday! Let's Dance with KIM Jong IL!!!

This is one of my favorites LOOONG time! I've posted it before but deserves another viewing for your dancing pleasure. Why dance, you ask? Because it's Friday!!!
Have a Great Reader weekend everyone!!! RUV you all LOOONG time!!! JG ;
(If ya have a cool dance tune leave a link in comments, preeze!)


USA_Admiral said...

Ruv ya long time too!!!
Here is one for you Great Leader:

Have a great weekend yourself.

JihadGene said...

USA_Admiral- Ruv that song looong time!!! Great Reader KIM Jong IL is pretty fry for a rice guy!!!

Omnibabe said...

Sending you RUV from BlogHer!

Kid said...

Cool stuff.

Dance Music? I can't touch Dis Gene!

JihadGene said...

Omnibus Driver- Thanks for the ROR!!!

Kid- I understand, my brother!

Joanie said...

Did you come over and visit me to do the Hustle on Friday? Yeah, I totally went there.