Thursday, May 27, 2010

Father-Daughter Conversation Obama Style

Meanwhile somewhere within the White House we find President Barack Whosenamed Obama having a 7:00 AM conversation with one of his daughters...

DAUGHTER: Daddy...have you plugged that leak in the Gulf of Mexicans yet?

OBAMA: Don't get all wee-wee'd up, Sweetie! Daddy took care of it.

DAUGHTER: Daddy, how did you do that? Did you use that heavy mud stuff?

OBAMA: Well, I had a teachable moment with the Army CORPSE of Engineers and we
went another route.

DAUGHTER: So Daddy...did you use Joe "Plugs" Biden like I suggested?

OBAMA: Bingo!


Anonymous said...

ahahahahahahaha. (wipes away tears.) ahahahaahahaha!

Best ever!


pamibe said...


Yesterday when I heard him say: "Malia asks me every morning 'have you plugged that hole yet, daddy?'"...

The oil leak wasn't what first came to mind. Heck, it wasn't even the second... :)

Kid said...


I heard Newt say they could blame the whole Sestak thing on Biden, since Biden could easily plead ignorance And insanity. hahaha

Pamibe ! Lol !

Susan at Stony River said...

Well that solution might work as well as anything else! --