Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The 3 Amigos

Meanwhile somewhere south of US Route 66, Fort Courage, The Meteor Crater, and Stuckey's, we find Civil Rights Soupa-Star, the Congressional Reverend Al Sharp-tone, warming up his Soupa-Sized megaphone...

AL- (on megaphone)
Test. Test. Test.
Say, Mr. President! Is this muh-fugger even on?!

OBAMA- It's on, Reverend Al!

AL- Test. Test. Test.
One...two...three...muh-fugging, QUATRO!
(Illegal aliens cheering wildly!!!)

OBAMA- Reverend Al, you've already knocked this one outta CoMENski Park!

AL- No shit?! Man, I ain't seen so many Mess-cans in one muh-fuggin place since I
been to a Cinco de Mayo sale at Home Depot!
(turns to the Vice President)

What do you think about this, Joe?

BIDEN- This is a big fucking Chalupa!!!


LL said...

I'm only confused that Arizona Al didn't take on Taco Bell for their "make a run for the border" slogan... because I don't know how much more racist you can get than that.

For in the future:

Mexican Food will be = food
Soul Food will be = food
Pizza has an ugly racial connotation so it too can only be referred to as = food

Menus across America (particularly Arizona) will be very simple because almost every culinary dish has its point of origin included in its name - the Sandwich is named for the Earl of Sandwich who slapped meat between two pieces of bread. And because it was white bread, assembled by a white guy in England - it's racist.

The Caesar Salad was originated at the Caesar Hotel in Tijuana, Mexico in the 30's. - it's racist

The Frankfurter came from Frankfurt, Germany - and the visions of Nazis eating hot dogs chills me. - it's racist

Now, when you go to a restaurant, you can only order "food".

JihadGene said...

LL- The times they are a changin'...and not for the better, I'm afraid.

Kid said...

Gold Gene, Gold...

As for your comment, damn right. We're 'on the path' and it ain't to Emerald City.

USA_Admiral said...

It won't be long now. Hell in a hand basket.