Monday, October 12, 2009

KIM Jong IL 's Peace Prize Response

Meanwhile somewhere north of the Samsung HD-LCD TV factories, in the "Land of the Morning Missile Launch", we find Norf Korea's Great Reader KIM Jong IL checking the news on his computer...


KIM: Hmmm...must check cumpooter for news of whole wirld. Let's see, US dollah falling...good, no supplies(surprise) there...hmmm... People's still tawking about Obamamma's NoaskNotell Piece Prize...OK......hmmm...WHAT?! WTFRUCK? General Wang!!!

WANG- Right here, Great Reader! What's wrong?

KIM- Look at Dludge Leeport...

WANG- Looking at Drudge Report, Sir.

KIM- (pointing) You see how Obamamma is winner of Piece Pwize?

WANG- Yes, Sir...

KIM- Now just skoal down with mouse and look..THERE!

WANG- Sir! What should we do?

KIM- Those bearded pieces-of-fee-sizz (feces) have jumped the shark! Mudder puckers! Those Towelibands can not be twusted!

WANG- I'll have five short range rockets launched immediately, Sir!

KIM- Very good. If anybody is to make a states-meant about "Mr Peace Pwize Pwesident", it's Great Reader KIM Jong IL...not those goat molesters of the Hidefromu Puss (hindu kush) mountains!!

WANG- Rockets are launched, Sir.

KIM- Very good. Now get me a Shirley's Temple.

WANG- Umbrella?

KIM- (rolls eyes) Well, hell yes...duh?!


J. Pazzesco said...

You flocking kill me Gene!

JihadGene said...

Johnny Pazzesco-
You know it looong time!!!

USA_Admiral said...

Look at Dludge Leeport...

Comedy gold Gene.

Snarky Basterd said...

You so funny. Me love you long time.

buffalodick said...

Even Obama didn't want the damn thing..