Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Greetings from the DMZ

Great Reader KIM Jong Il reporting froms the DMZ here to all of you, my gloriously literate readers, and I'm haves great news! Comrade Tammi of Tammi's World got the J.O.B.!!! So preez assist me in giving big round of appause (applause) to Tammi on fighting the good fight and flooding the corporate capitalistic pig's offices with resumes! May those who did not hire her have such not-so-hot-luck that they will be forced into laboring at a McDonald's burger factory turning out chicken McNuggets for the masses.
Also on the home front...JihadGene has had two spies shipped in from South Korea the day after Christmas on 26 Dec!!!These scoundrels were sent to Gene from his brother-in-law and best friend in da ho-wide-world, Mr U Tae KIM . These spies are named Ji Na KIM and Woong Jae KIM. Both are young adults in their 20's and consume kimchee and rice. They are a brother and sister act. They have lap tops and all kinds of crap for communications with evil family in South Korea. Gene bought lap top for Yobo (wife) and has wireless hub! Woo-hoo!!! Computers all over the house!!! Where's was I? Oh yeah... Gene and family loves Jina & Jae looong time and is very busy having a very great time with them! Tomorrow...New Year's Day...JihadGene and family go to Monterey Bay and will have a wonderful time while I am stuck here in Pyongyang. Being a DickTater with nukes can have it's disadvantages. Later Gator's!

Have "Happy" not "Crappy" New Year!!!
Great Reader KIM Jong IL
On the DMZ in California


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your visit and your trip to Monterey (which is one of my favorite places!).

Have a very wonderful New Years, Gene!

H2o said...

Happy New Year!

pamibe said...

Enjoy your visitors and happy 2009, Great Leader!

Anonymous said...

Well, while you're out buying laptops, you owe me a new one, Dear Reader, for that milk carton picture that made me spit wine on mine.

Happy New Year. May you, Mrs. JG, and the spies have a very happy new year. Ruv you loooongggg time too!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Gene and Family!

And to Kim Short Dong Jong... May you live in eternity eating grass wit da cows !


Jerry in Texas said...

Happy New Year, Gene!

Evil Transport Lady said...

Awesome! Have a great visit and a Happy New Year!

Tammi said...

Happy HAPPY New Year! Sounds like y'all are having a great time!

Oh, and thanks for the good wishes. Very much appreciated.

Oh, and Coke better watch out now...I'm fixin' to put 'em out of business!! Well, at least in MY zone! ;-)

Maeve said...

Happy New Year Gene!
I have not been up to Monteray since '95.
Have some wine for me from one of the wine tasting places and pet some starfishes at the aquarium!
Luv you looooooooong time!